End of Weekend Aless

This journey is so interesting. It’s a continuous learning experience. Earlier today I read through the following thread:


I decided I would try a few things in my aless session before going to bed. I didnt think I would get anything I would want to write about. I am more than a month removed from my first super-O and I wouldnt call myself an expert but I do believe me and my body are on the right wavelength.

Tonight we became even closer.

Typically my aless generated Super-Os come with either a kissing motion, a rubbing motion or a light touching motion. Tonight…it felt like I was being penetrated. I focused on this and the super-O I got from it felt sooo overwhelming with love. But it felt like an imaginary aneros was in my ass and it was moving.

The other new feeling I got was that once I had generated this penetrating feeling that then turned into a hand and I felt a lite stroke at the base of my penis within my body. It felt awesomely weird.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/end-of-weekend-aless/