“Not So Easy, Is It?”

I slept in my XO “chastity cup” overnight and was awakened about 4 AM by a super-strong erection. I have made it to Day 5 of SR. Usually about now I begin to think about ejaculating so I can avoid a case of the ‘blue-balls’. But this morning, I’m thinking…..why not extend it? Well, let me explain……

Erection Mechanics
I have discussed this before. While wearing a “chastity cup” with a night-time erection, my erect penis makes contact with the frenulum on the inside of the cup. This creates a ‘ready-to-cum’ feeling all down in my male groin. It is a wonderfully-erotic feeling but without an ejaculation, it creates something akin to mental anguish. Of course, it is not painful nor is it dangerous. But it is quite debilitating (in a sexual sense).

Comparison to Cock Cages
I have worn a cock-cage for a while in the past, but not anymore. My CB-6000S got worn too when I experienced night-time erections and that feeling is similar, although no visible erection occurs. Most of that occurs near the root of the penis which is unseen. But the feeling is there, nonetheless. I did not have a keyholder but the cage was locked and I was not eager to retrieve the key during that time. So I just endured the anguish as best as I could. Eventually, the erection subsided and I remained locked-up in chastity.

No Erection
Of course, when the erection subsides, the “chastity cup” becomes once again a nice, cozy, comfortable “cradle” for my male package. It actually feels quite good otherwise. But when the erection comes, there is the sudden ramp-up in horniness. Let me explore the meaning of the word…

‘Horniness’ is a state of sexual arousal. “ An erection in males is usually the first sign of sexual arousal.”

“A number of physiological responses occur in the body and mind as preparation for sexual intercourse and continue during it.”

‘Horniness 101’
So by thwarting the possibility of sexual intercourse and resulting ejaculation, and the continued ‘rubbing’ of the frenulum on the cup, there is a period of time that is mentally tormenting. And with each passing day of semen retention (SR), this torment seems (for me) to grow in intensity. Is there a period when the only other option is an ejaculation? For a guy truly in chastity and wearing a cock cage, the answer is “No!” But for someone like me wearing a self-imposed “chastity cup” the answer has to be in the affirmative. The only question is what is that time? How do I know when I am ready? [I will exclude the blue-balls feeling for now.] There is no easy answer to this question, IMHO. It is a matter of personal endurance, i.e., how ‘horny’ can I get and still retain my semen?

Is my limit at Day 7? Day 10? Longer? I really don’t know but one thing I do know: when the time comes for an ejaculation, it will be followed-up by a new period of SR! And I can begin the ramp-up over again, perhaps for a longer period of time! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/not-so-easy-is-it/