What did I just feel?

So I just bought my first prostate toy (helix syn), and decided to give it a go tonight. I popped it in, spent a good 10 minutes just getting used to how it felt inside me, and then started messing around with small kegals while listening to some r/gonewildaudio. Probably about 15 minutes later, while I was experimenting with some rapid, 30% strength kegals, I started feeling this wave of… heat? It started in my prostate, and each time I contracted, it radiated further up into my chest through my shoulders. It felt pretty good, but also like it was building up to something bigger, and I think I got too excited and focused too hard, because it was gone around 30 seconds later.

Anyone know if this sounds like any of the big milestones I should be hitting? For the rest of my session I think I was too focused on getting back to that point, so nothing really happened, but I’m definitely excited to try again tomorrow!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/a2xh21/what_did_i_just_feel/

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  1. You had a great response for your first ride! The pleasurable heat is the first indicator to me my prostate is awakening. You’re intuition is right, do not focuse too hard, just relax and let if flow. Happy riding!

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