Another Partnered Session

After the couple of years of proficiency doing mmo’s, I had reached the milestone of rewiring. That achievement altered me in many esoteric ways that I shall discuss in the next post. However, one of the very pragmatic things it did to me was give me control of my pleasure and the confidence to invite my wife to participate. It was this confidence that opened to door for me to tell her about my surreptitious use of her bare derriere in the middle of the night to coax exquisite orgasms into my anus.

It needs to be mentioned that I am much more sexually motivated than she is. Regardless she has always been willing to engage in all sorts of sexual activities with me. In our 20’s it was the power she had getting my penis erect and aroused. She became incredibly adventurous; it was this adventurous spirit that allowed her to go outside the conservative comfort zone of her younger years and led her to perform analingus on me unrequested.

One of the things that stimulates her arousal is seeing me ejaculate. The sight of thick creamy semen erupting from my pulsing cock slit as she holds it in her fist along with the tactile experience of feeling my shaft pump its steamy hot load in her grasp is such a turn on it makes her pussy weep. The feeling of a hot stream of semen rolling over the back of her hand during a handjob only adds to the visual delight. Like most women her experience of sex is predominantly tied to what she is thinking and feeling and who with.

As for me, I love giving her oral sex, actually more than having penis in vagina sex. I love seeing her lose herself in ecstatic shudders, spreading her legs wide in vulgar abandon, showing off her pulsing cunt to me as she looks with dazed euphoria into my eyes. When she lets go of her vulnerability and her lady like demeanor and gives her vagina over to orgasm, it opens her pussy to fill it with euphoria; the sight of her sweet erotic anguish turns my cock turns to stone. We enjoy sex that is given to each other as a gift for intense pleasure and sex that is mutually shared that binds us together. Both are wonderful but they are different.

When we fuck it is a joining process that is much more mental and spiritual than it is intensely ecstatic. The feeling of fullness of my cock in her vagina pumping a load into her and the highly intimate act of holding my erect penis inside her body as I ejaculate in her are at the heart of her spiritual experience of sex. Her orgasms from me going down on her are so intense they make her ears ring.

As she had been involved in a previous session and she was totally turned on by it she felt deprived of both the spectatorship and the partnership in pleasure role to my orgasm. She wanted to have the experience of sharing my pleasure directly as opposed to just being a vehicle for me orgasm. I had whetted her appetite by involving her the first time, but she wanted an interpersonal shared involvement.

After my morning admission we talked about each of our desires for sex at this point in our relationship (our retirement years).

In that conversations she asked me if I could experience an MMO if we did a boy – girl frot. The idea made me hard as she said it. We have done boy – girl frotting or pussy sliding ever since we first met. Simply stated I lay on my back and she straddles my hips. She then parts her pussy lips and lowers her vagina onto the underside of my erection, with her clit resting in my sulcus (cock cleft). Thrusting her pelvis in this position provides exquisite friction for our two orgasmic triggers and leads to orgasms for both of us and a copious ejaculation for me. I was onboard to do it and we committed over coffee that morning to try it that night.

Fast forward to that night in bed, after a couple of glasses of wine and a romantic movie. We wound up in bed both naked and fresh from the shower. As I said I love cunnilingus on her, it is almost always our go to foreplay to juice her pussy up. So as I lay on my back she straddled my face kneeling on all fours so her vagina was over my mouth. The scent of her vagina intoxicates me and inspires me.

As I am writing this my olfactory memory is making my cock hard. So with her pussy lips an inch from my mouth, I made oral love to her steaming pussy mouth. It swelled and inflamed with lust and began to ooze her passion as I kissed her opening, licked it and teased her erect clitoris with the tip of my tongue. The scent of her opening shifted from sweet musk to heady arousal. Oral sex is very much olfactory for me.

I was beyond erect from the 20 minutes of mouthing her juicy vagina. I reached over to our night stand and put the lube on the Eupho. She Took some of the jelly lube on her finger and applied it to my anus. Feeling her finger priming and penetrating my anus made my cock lurch. I handed her the Eupho. She parted my ass cheeks and inserted it with such aplomb and confidence it was like she knew more than I did. It was like I was the passive one being fucked. The sensation of penetration at that moment gave me chills.

With her hands holding her pussy lips apart she lowered her clit onto my cock cleft. The impact of the wet slippery heat of her cunt wrapped around my cockhead was immediate. My anus clamped onto the Eupho and exquisite spasms flowed into my anus. I cautioned her not to thrust or I might cum. She smiled knowingly. I was on the tilt a whirl or hard MMO’s, holding her for dear life.

So as she lay on my chest, with her legs splayed and my cock in the caress of her pussy lips I embraced her from underneath, one hand around her back the other in the valley of her ass cheeks. Delving tenderly I found her tight anus. Gently I began to massage her asshole, an action that made her breath catch in her chest. We began to kiss passionately with my finger teasing her anus as my lips savored her mouth. She began to stroke my temple as the warmth of her lips on mine made my mind lose all focus. As we kissed the MMO was hurling itself around in my anal canal like a caged animal. The fury and intensity of the pumping pulsing orgasmic convulsions was forcing prostatic fluid and precum to flow from my slit. Her vagina was leaking the most copious grool I had ever seen come from her cunt. The passion and fervency of our kisses amplified as the intensity of my MMO amplified. My anus, cock and perineum became a massive thumping sex machine.

The chains of cascading MMO’s deep in my anus were making it hard for me to be still. I could feel the cocktail of our combined sex ooze drooling down between my thighs. We kissed as I MMOed for what I guess to be an hour, I really have no way of knowing how long it was but it was a long time.

At some point she refused to be still . Slowly at first, then with increased pressure and regular rhythm she began to pussy slide on my semi erect cock shaft bumping her clit on my cock head. The MMO’s stilled a bit as the sweet tension her cunt was inflicting on my cock head stiffened my penis and turned this from an affair of MMO with Aneros to one of ejaculation.

The more she humped my cock, the more forceful her thrusts became. I held her tightly as the tension of imminent ejaculation gripped my penis. I began to return her thrusts as we danced a lurid dance of erotic love, grinding my cock against her rock hard clit. Her thrusts became hard and irregularly jerky, her signal to me that her orgasm was imminent. She began to whisper a lewd narration of what she was feeling in my ear. AS the sweet agony of imminent ejaculation built so did the anguished sensation of penetration in my anus.

When she loses control like that I can’t hold back. Holding her behind her head I pressed our lips together as I thrust upward to hump her vagina. Sliding the slippery bump of my coronal ridge back and forth over her clit was sending jolts of pleasure deep into her vagina. I was at the precipice of my ejaculation. Then I fell into the abyss. Kissing her hard I stilled my pelvis as I released my steaming semen in a pumping torrent spewing it all over her clit and pussy mouth. The heat of my slime on her vagina made her grind against me in a frenzy that ended with her own orgasmic rigor mortis.

That sweet – intense coupling was the first of several more joined sessions we did including one with vaginal penetration a year later. This was a wonderful stop on my sexual journey, and I was only years into it. I was coming to appreciate my rewiring, that will be the next entry in this narrative.