Aneros session with an old buddy, Progasm Junior, January 19 with a major discovery!!!

Hi guys,

After my blog entry on jacking off along with a discussion about my theory of The Male Axis of Sexual Press, I became more horny, randy, and HARD!!! I even beat my meat a bit but realized that I had to save my cum load for my Aneros session at sunrise this morning.

You see @Somebody and @Tommygunn were discussing about the Aneros model, Progasm Junior which has enabled @Somebody have some amazing Aneros experiences, even Super-O’s. Their discussion encouraged me to bring my Progasm Junior out of retirement. I believe that I purchased that model when Aneros began marketing in 2013 or 2014. I have enjoyed my rides with Progasm Junior, but they occurred by my major Aneros breakthrough in mid Septembre 2016 during which began experiencing my first sustained Super-O’s and MMO’s. Since after, I discovered the tactile delight that my nipples have for me. But I had to wait until the first ten weeks of 2017 when I learned nipple diddling in a rehab facility after my hip replacement surgery [after a freak accident] learning to walk again.

I had laid out my favorite Aneros models of MGX, Maximus, and Progasm ICE to use with Progasm Junior this morning, but laid the first three aside instead.

Progasm Junior took over and worked his magic. I just let Progasm Junior worked me over through his massage action. He plowed my anal canal and musculature as he massaged thoroughly my prostate. He was both sweet and powerful in “fuck” action. I just submitted to his ministrations which lasted about thirty minutes.

Then I tried something new. I got up from my bed with Progasm Junior still inserted and working away. I sat in my chair with a folded towel before my PC with him still inserted. To my delight, I felt no discomfort whatsoever while I used my PC for another half hour before concluding my session. However, I do not suggest this for other guys. You may suffer injury. Test the waters very carefully if you attempt to use an Aneros model such as Tempo or Progasm Junior.

Starting tomorrow afternoon it is going to be bitterly cold here in DC with a low eleven about zero Fahrenheit. I may ride Progasm Junior later today. However right now I have very sweet and powerful Aless with which I am engaging with the Kegels. My bunghole feels nicely plowed.

Take care!!

P.S. I forget to mention that I was wearing a BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 this morning as I do for most my sessions, inspired by @goldenboy’s practice of doing the same. It seemed that as I sat at my PC wearing my jock and cup with Progasm Junior working away that Progasm Junior was milking my prostate and/or Cowpers glands because the pouch of my cup jock was moist after my session! 🙂