Which model to buy next?

Im currently useing the helix trident as my prostate massager and im pretty happy about my experience but i find it to be a little too small for me so i though about buying either the progasm or the progasm jr. The aneros site says that the eupho is more for the experienced users and since i want a more fuller experience the eupho isnt for me. I heard that inserting the progasm is a bit more challenging than the other models so i think i would go for the progasm jr. What do you guys think?

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3 comments on “Which model to buy next?

  1. i just ordered the trident Maximus to feel something bigger than my current Helix Syn. Not sure if i while like the fuller feeling but i think it will apply more pressure to the prostate. The Eupho looks so slim i wonder if it worth it once you’ve tried bigger toys?


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