Trident maximus feels great but no O yet

Just got my trident maximus after a year of using a Helix syn. tried the maximus the last 2 nights and the size is easy to handle. The moment it is in the pleasure waves start hard and fast, this must be from the larger size. however after 2+ hours each night no Dry or super O’s, it keeps me on the edge and feels amazing the entire time, i can feel the dry o building but i just can’t get there. this may be from the limited mobilty the larger size is causing? i am now temped to order a eupho for comparision. the helix syn on most attempts devlivers some amazing dry orgasms, so i know i’m wired for it. The hard plastic and agresive angle of the P tab of the maximus does cause discomfort after a while but the full feeling is great. i’ll keep trying to see if it can deliver.


One comment on “Trident maximus feels great but no O yet

  1. 3rd times the charm, slipped it in tonight felt full again. Started holding long contractions with slow slow steady breathing, settled into the do nothing aproach and suddenly super o within 10 minutes. Still got it in and going to chase it for a few more O’s hopefully

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