“Advice To Newbies?”

I have been in my Aneros journey for about 3 years now. What have I learned? I think the one thing that comes to mind now is that I can honestly say that there is no guarantee of success with Aneros! Even after these three years, I have not experienced a single Super-O since the “original” ones when I was being re-wired. That is okay with me although it is a bit perplexing.

I have had some really great sessions but they are not at the same “caliber” as the earlier ones. Why is that? I can’t honestly answer that, but does that mean that I will stop trying? Heck, no!

Now, where does that leave my “advice” to newbies? Aneros is indeed a very “personal” journey and there really is no guarantee of success. But there will be times (in sessions) that will be extremely pleasurable. It is just that (at least for me now) that pleasure is fleeting. Some sessions will be great, others will be ho-hum. Do I stop as a result of one (or two) lackluster sessions? Of course not!

IMHO, the Aneros journey ties-in nicely with my male sexuality and my practices of semen retention (SR) and male chastity. I have discovered lately that by not putting these sessions on a regular schedule, they can be more interesting, more stimulating, more productive. How frequent are my sessions now? Hard to say exactly but on average, one every 1-2 weeks now seems right for me. No more than that. My prostate is not going anywhere anytime soon and neither are my ejaculations. Yes, I will need a release every now and then, due to my tendency for “blue-balls”. But I am always looking forward to my next (longer?) stretch of semen retention. That wait can be exquisitely arousing.

What I am saying after all is that Aneros is more than just a male toy. It is a means to connect with a man’s most intimate areas and his sexual self. And it will do it effortlessly, safely and with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. I wouldn’t have it any other way! And you shouldn’t either! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/advice-to-newbies/