I Get Help With a Personal Problem

One of the benefits of spending so much time on the road for work was that it required between 8-10 room nights in hotels every month, this allowed me to have frequent sessions in private. As a result in 2013, in a given week on the road I would do at least two Aneros sessions, a fair amount of sexting and some camming. To say my libido was on overdrive at the end of a week like that was an understatement. As you all know, an Aneros session leaves you hornier than a he goat.

It was in May of 2013 that I was in Washington DC for a week. Needless to say the warm weather, girl watching on the hill and a night at a gentlemen’s club as well as my normal activities on the road mentioned above left me with an erection on friday that was really hard to subdue. One of the challenges of my expanded libido at the 9 year mark was the reality that I found self masturbation to be minimally pleasurable and very unsatisfying; so although I had a wooden erection that friday morning I woke I didn’t even bother to tug one off.

Setting out on the road north, I saw a number of massage parlor billboards along the road. The first one I saw piqued my interest and got me to thinking. By the time lunch time hit I was near one of the establishments advertised. Exiting the highway I figured I would grab lunch and cruise by the place to scope it out. I grabbed some fast food and followed the directions the billboard gave me.

When I arrived at the building, there was no huge sign, just a set of stairs along the side of a very well kept building in a corner of a shopping plaza parking lot. There was only one car parked next to the stairs, the business on the first floor was closed. I parked my car and sat for a while, contemplating what to do. The rush of thinking that I might get a HJ from a strange woman was extremely powerful. In the end, I got out of the car and went quickly up the stairs, feeling in my pocket to make sure the Tempo I had put in it was still there. When I got to the top of the stairs I turned the knob to test the door. It was locked, but there was a sign on the wall that said ring buzzer; it was above a button mounted on the wall next to the door. I did as instructed.

In a minute or so a very attractive woman in her early 40’s came to the door. Pulling the curtain apart in the glass on the door she looked out at me and smiled. She then opened the door and welcomed me in. She was wearing a tight spandex exercise suit that clung to her gorgeous body so snugly it left very little to the imagination . Her brown hair was in a ponytail and her freckled skin on her cheeks matched the freckles on her upper chest visible above the neckline of her top. The top was cut low enough to offer the slightest view of cleavage above her full tits. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric as she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The room I walked into looked like the waiting room in a dentist’s office; it was furnished with office type couches and chairs and a few tables with magazines. It was clean and very orderly.

She closed the door behind me and went behind the counter. Glancing first at a book on the counter she then looked up at me and said it looks like you didn’t have an appointment with anyone in particular, as a result no one else came in and I am the only one here so you got me and she smiled warmly. She then summarized the services they offered with an introductory caveat that this was not a therapeutic massage. As she said that she looked into my eyes and winked. Once the price was agreed for what she would do, I added that I had a special request.

I then went on to very briefly describe MMO and prostate orgasm. I was really pleased to hear that she was familiar with it but had zero experience, but seemed to be really interested. I then asked her if she would do an insertion and follow some special requests that I had. She laughed and said that that sounded within reason and that this would be both fun and a real learning experience. I paid for a mutually nude massage with a happy ending at the agreed price. She took the money put it in a cash box and motioned for me to follow her down a hallway to a room. Opening the door she let me in as she stood alongside the door. Motioning to a chair next to a massage table she pleasantly instructed me to leave my clothes on the chair and get on the table on my back. With that she said she would be right back as she closed the door.

Removing my clothes I took the Tempo out of my pocket and laid it on the table as I lay down next to it. My cock was just as erect as it was at 7 AM when I got in the car. I waited as patiently as I could but it was difficult. My excitement was so high, the few minutes I waited for her to return seemed like an eternity. Suddenly there was a light tap on door and her voice in a lilting manner announcing: “incoming”.

When she came in what greeted me was the most beautiful nude mature woman’s body I had ever seen. Her physique was curvy and not perfect. She had just a little puckered flesh on her thighs and derriere from what I could see as she turned to close the door behind her. Her tits were gorgeous !! Modestly large they were perfectly teardrop shaped and were capped with dark purple nipples the size of silver dollars. There is something about a well shaped woman in her late thirties – mid forties that is just so sexy. It is pure coincidence that the lady that would service me had exactly the kind of body that turns me on to the max.

My taste in feminine beauty is for imperfection and curves. She had both with a “California Girl” beach character. My cock reaffirmed its admiration for what I saw by twitching noticeably as I gazed at her pussy. I am sure she saw it because she complimented me on the size of my equipment. She added that I was a big one in more ways than one as she looked at my size 16 feet hanging off the end of the massage table and ran her eyes along my 6’6″ body laying before her on the table. Her visual assessment ended at my penis, laying erect on my belly at almost 9 inches. I laughed and responded as I always did when someone sees my cock, saying I was proportional to my feet.

As I lay there she asked what my special request was. I answered that in line with my description of MMO when I first came in that I would like her to insert my Tempo in my anus and manipulate my nipples as part of the massage with the Tempo inside me. She smiled broadly and added of course that would be no problem. With that she took the Tempo and coated it in some massage oil. I spread my legs and opened them. She asked me to lift my bum so she could put a pillow under it. I arched my back as she slid a pillow under me to raise my anus and make it accessible.

With one gloved hand she shifted my balls to one side and parted my ass cheeks and with the other held the lubed Tempo facing straight up as if it was a shot. With my hole exposed she toyed with the Tempo rubbing it all around the opening before she slid it in. When it sank in my cock lurched and drooled some pre cum in a typical manner. Mmmm she said, no sense wasting that, with that she gathered it from my cock slit with her finger tips and spread it over my nipples. She then abandoned my aching penis and began to tease and massage my nipples for 15 minutes or so. toggling them and rubbing my areolas with oil and precum until they were red and stiff and aching. After sufficient nipple stim to cause me to gasp several times she moved one of her hands to my balls. Hefting them she pulled on them and gently squeezed and massaged them, ending in a delicate perineal massage that made my cock root throb.

Gathering more precum in her hand, she supplemented it with oil from a dish on a table nearby she oiled my penis. It was hard and aching for release. What followed for 15 minutes or so was a demonstration of her mastery of male ejaculatory torture. I have never been edged so delicately and tenderly for so long. Her fingers danced all over my purple hued cockhead, dipping in the precum that was running in a stream from my cock slit. She brought me to the edge and retreated at least 5 times. Her skill transformed my penis from rigid flesh to cherry red pulsing iron. My cock head was swollen and purple and ready to disgorge every ounce of semen I had. Just when I was above to erupt, her hand abandoned my trembling erection, returned to my anus and perineum to massage them and make the semen well up in my rigidly swollen prostate in a massive load.

The throbbing sensation of the Tempo in my anus made me acutely aware of the imminence of my ejaculation. Then in a totally unexpected “coup de grace” she lowered her mouth to my left nipple and suckled on me.

It was like a jolt of lightning. Grimacing I gritted my teeth, stiffened my body and tensed my legs as my thighs quivered. Then arching my back and thrusting my penis straight up as she held my cock shaft firmly she left my cockhead bulging above her grip to pump my load. She probably expected a pulse of cum, but instead I pissed a continuous long hot rope of ivory white steaming semen in an arch into the air, ending with it splashing on and under my chin. She immediately responded “oh my god”.

The ecstatic relief of that ejaculation was monumental. The amount of semen was so much it ran down my neck and chest to my armpit making a total mess on both me and the table. Chuckling she said to me, that was epic, you came a freaking gallon. I think I blushed. The comment that she made as a “professional” who had obviously seen and made many men ejaculate was the first affirmation that I had of my ejaculation being beyond the norm.

She helped me wipe up asking me to stand so she could get at all of it. When I was cleaned up and standing, she patted my rear end as she left the room. Opening the door she told me to come out whenever I was ready.

A few minutes later as I stood by the exit door she complemented me again and added, whatever you are doing to make that happen, we as women need to have more men do it.

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