Year Nine Milestones, Plateaus and Pinacles

The MMO journey I have been on started in 2005. Along the way there have been so many milestones and experiences, they would be impossible to remember if it were not for the fact that I recorded them in an on line journal I began in 2011. Each milestone or event has been a building block that created a foundation for the sexual rapture I routinely experience now. The building and learning process was precipitous those first few years. Because I was learning and experiencing so much there were literally hundreds of sensations, techniques and changes in my sexual response in the first 9 years. Some of these I have shared here in this forum, but I am sure that if I were to try to relate them all it would be impossible.

However, year nine was special. I reached a plateau or a pinnacle in my 9th year in 2013. It was a watershed year that solidified MMO and anal pleasure in my sex life. There were several skills – achievements that I will relate here in this entry; there were also some major event – milestones that deserve detailed descriptions. I will focus this entry on the skills and achievements and the next several entries on the numerous remarkable sexual events of 2013.

The Three Hour MMO: In 2013 having a 2-3 hour MMO became routine. While I had them once in a while in earlier years, in my 9th year almost every session was 2 hours minimum and all were constant waves of ecstasy with no break. The intensity of these sessions was earth moving. The 3 hour session was almost always an Aneros session as opposed to an A Less.

A Less Domination: The more accomplished I became that year in having A Less MMO’s, the less Aneros sessions I did. That year my current trend was established. I do one Aneros every week or so and an A Less almost every night. Most A Less sessions are 30 – 45 minutes. Almost every one is done while I spoon my wife. Her derriere has become my “launching pad” of choice.

Condom Method: As I started getting more and more worried about what I was putting in my bloodstream (because of my heart condition) I adopted the condom method as my approach to lube. It was and still is neater, safer, healthier, easier to do in my nightly routine, and it didn’t require a lot of effort or fuss over prepping or concocting lube. I also found that many lubes messed up elimination in my lower GI. I either got constipated or had the runs depending on what I used. Everything is normal 5 minutes after I remove the Aneros.

Nipples: The process of nipple awakening began in the earlier years but fully matured in the 9th year. Towards the summer of that year my nipples became dominant in my sex life. My wife even noticed how they were almost always erect and they had grown. She also delighted in using them to give me pleasure. . Nipple stimulation became a major part of my prostate pleasure. Not only were my nipples hard wired to my prostate as highly erogenous triggers for MMO, but nipple stimulation erected my cock and if I was horny enough, if stimulated by a woman could make me ejaculate HFWO.

Tempo Rules: As I said in my last entry, I pared down my collection of anal devices to 5. Of all of them Tempo is the hands down favorite. Probably 90% of my Aneros sessions are with my Tempo. The remaining 10% now are usually with my vaginal barbell; I didn’t get my barbell until a few years later. The Tempos smaller size allowed me to do a three hour session sleep for three hours and do another two hours after that and not be sore. Now I usually start MMO waves within 5 minutes of insertion every time.

Sulcul Massage: That year I discovered that once I start having prostate induced orgasms it was virtually impossible for me to ejaculate. My cock is usually fully erect at 8-9 inches when I start a session. However at the onset of the orgasms it immediately softens to semi erection. As the session continues and the orgasms intensify my penis shrinks to miniscule size, and sometimes becomes a mangina. I have found that if I hold it out and stretch it as I use my precum as lube, if I massage my cock cleft as the waves are flowing the power of the orgasm intensifies.

Orgasmic Choreography: In 2013 I learned to manage the interplay of anal penetration by Tempo, syncopated breathing, nipple stimulation, sulcul massage, erotic imagery and penis plugs. In a hotel room with a candle burning, soft music playing and all the above I was transported to a place inside my head that can only be described as orgasmic nirvana as wave after wave of orgasms wash through me.

Pre Cum and Semen Flow: After 9 years of use my volume of semen and pre cum flow increased by a factor of 2. Most noteworthy though was the ease at which I drool precum. Even to this day I soak my pants from just having erotic thoughts. In fact as I am writing this my underpants are getting very wet.

Erotic Writing: As a result of my experiences at the 9 year mark, I became very aware of the orgasmic pleasure I felt, where and how I felt it and what caused it. That awareness feed my interest in writing. In 2013 I began to do erotic writing in earnest.

All of the above were skills and achievements of that year. I can remember them and document them here as they were 9 of the topics of my WordPress Blog entries that year. I just reviewed my entries from 2013 and summarized them here. The next entries will summarize special events that year. Without a doubt 2013 was both a plateau and turning point for me.