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Tl;dr: relaxing into the sensations and letting go has resulted in my first gentle orgasmic sensations; thanks in no small part to the guidance I’ve received from all your fine posts.

I’m a long-time reader, first-time poster; here because I’m starting to experience orgasmic sensations (I but not fully sure what they were). I’ve decided to try and create a habit of writing (both here and offline) about my experiences as I think it will help me build more awareness and tune in to what’s happening in my body. I’m excited to share my progress with you and also say thanks for everything you guys have posted that’s helped me along so far.

I bought my first aneros (Helix Syn) in late 2017, and I’ve been using it on and off since; but more regularly for the last 6 months. I’ve had my fair share (more than my fair share imho) of frustration along the way, but I’ve been experiencing more and more consistent sensations and progress recently.

When I first started my sessions consistently (save for the odd dud session) progressed in intensity BUT; all that intensity was in my body’s reaction; not in sensation or arousal. It was as if my body was progressing in its journey faster than my mind was. I had sessions that involved loud moaning; spasms, tingling, muscle-clenching and even strong full-body shaking, with little or no localized pleasure. It felt erotic, but not pleasurable.

It was like my body was experiencing really intense sensations, but my brain couldn’t understand them; like music playing on a radio station that I couldn’t quite tune into. I’m curious if anyone else’s journey started out like this.

When I would start to feel my body’s reactions build I’d start thinking “is this it? IS THIS IT? IS IT FINALLY GOING TO HAPPEN??” That expectation would only psyche me out and derail the sensations and arousal. This led to a lot of frustration, and in turn I tried to force it to happen, which I’m convinced drove the possibility of success even further away.

Recently though, I’ve made a consistent effort to relax, let go and savour the sensations that come during a session. When feeling starts to build, I try and relax into it; like sinking down into a warm bath. It doesn’t work every time, I still have dud sessions, but I have started to consistently feel more and more pleasure and recently my first orgasmic sensations.

I’ve often felt the sensation of pleasure building in my pelvis and penis during a session; it’s always felt like the urge to pee rising up slowly in my penis. In the past if I let the feeling continue to build it would result in a small amount of precum, followed by pee (I’m 100% certain it was pee), but recently something different happened.

About 2 weeks ago I had a session using my Eupho Trident. About midway through my session the pleasurable sensation kept building and rising in my penis to the point were all of a sudden the feeling peaked and cascaded down from my penis to perineum and then pelvis. This experience had the feeling, and for lack of a better word, the “shape” (rise and fall) of an orgasm. It peaked and fell about 3 times; I felt 3 separate orgasmic sensations that rolled one into another. The feelings were light to moderate. But very pleasurable and centred in my penis and pelvis. After that the sensations moved down into my rectum and all of a sudden I could feel the full length of the toy inside me; the feeling built and I think I experienced a very light anal orgasm.

Reading other peoples writing about their sessions and the sensations of aneros orgasms really helps get me in the mind-set for my own session, and I plan to repay the favour by writing about my experiences in a more detailed post.

For now though I’m curios to hear your feedback. Does that sound like I experienced a mini-o or a dry orgasm? Any tips on where I should go from here? Has anyone else experienced strong bodily reactions without the matching pleasure during their journey?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Excellent post. I am only 3 sessions in and it encourages me to read that i need to relax into it and completely divorce myself of orgasmic expectations as being anything similar to a traditional orgasm.

  2. You are progressing well. Don’t try to label what the sensations are, just enjoy, and relax. Over time they will progress and grow more intense to the point where the sensations you have now will seem tame…! Don’t overdo it, take a 1-2 day rest between sessions, do regular kegel exercises daily, and you will be amazed at what you will experience.

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