Am I almost there?

I have had 4 sessions. 60-120 mins each. Yesterday I constantly felt that “tapping”. This was achieved after some relaxing slow contraction exercises. I sat back and enjoyed the feeling. However the tap would be hard, and intense, but no p waves and after a minute it went away. I would contract more. And maybe get another 20 seconds of tapping.

Relax for 10-15mins of do nothing and I literally felt nothing. No discomfort but no pleasure either.

I’d do 1/4 strength contractions and hold for 10sec. Tapping again. But then it goes away.

Should I keep doing this the same way? I feel like I’m relaxed and I can even feel the whole shape of the Aneros. I’m definitely aware and I’m absolutely feeling pleasure. Just can’t get over the hump.


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