In 2013 I was extremely active on line, perhaps too active. Work was really stressful and I used this forum and two others as a means to let off steam with sexual chat and sharing information and experiences with like minded people of both sexes. I also mentored some men just starting with aneros. Here in the Aneros Forum many of the chats I was having in PM were with guys who were just getting on board and were looking for coaching and personal help. That’s how I met my number 2. He was a 29 year old post army college student in his senior year at Bowling Green University. He was single and heterosexual, but had a very open attitude towards sexual relations. Looking back on it after having spent time with him I would say now that he was bicurious.

He introduced himself to me in the chat room in a PM. There was something about him that came through even in instant messages. He was a really nice guy. He had just started Aneros a year earlier and was making outstanding progress; he was having super o’s, but was having trouble with focus. His mind kept drifting off in the throes of ecstatic orgasms. As his thoughts drifted his O’s withered. We chatted about that problem ending in our first chat with me offering a variety of ideas how to manage it. That first chat was followed by many others. Over the course of the six months that followed we began to interact in another IM tool out of the forums here.

During those six months we became friends on Face Book and we became friends in real life. In actuality he was the same age as my adult kids. It was during one of the many chats we had during the fall of 2013 that he commented that a meet up for a shared session would be really interesting to him. I was surprised, but not really. I was really pleased that he suggested it. The tone of our chats was leaning towards a personal interaction from the beginning; it was just that I didn’t anticipate he would be the one to raise the opportunity for a hook up. I figured it would be me. However I held back as I am very aware that I don’t want to be seen as predatory.

As it turned out every November I have a meeting in Madison Wisconsin that I drive to. The Toledo area of Ohio is a long one day drive from my starting location. So in an email message to him I suggested that we meet near Toledo in Perryville Ohio. I usually stayed in a really nice Hilton Garden Inn there. That location would be an easy drive for him. I laid out a suggested plan in the email that I thought would work for both of us. I would arrive at approximately 7 PM. I would stop for a quick meal on the way so that when I “landed” the evening would be free. As I needed to hit the road the following morning first thing and he probably had classes I suggested that an overnight would offer us plenty of time and fit into our schedules. His email response was an enthusiastic affirmative.

Back in IM over the ensuing weeks we discussed what we wanted to do together. In that this was still new to me the discussion of acts to perform with each other was almost as arousing as the acts themselves in real life. Every chat we had left me erect and dripping; when I mentioned it to him he told me he was having a similar reaction. By the time the date came for me to leave our weeks of interaction on line was the equivalent to foreplay.

The drive there was uneventful. I actually was able to leave a little early and hit fast food stops along the way to avoid wasting time. I pulled into the hotel at 6 PM. That arrival allowed me time to chill before his arrival. I had arranged to get a room that was a suite with a 2 person Jacuzzi and a King sized bed in it. Checking in to the room I walked around. It was perfect for our tryst. I called him on his cell phone. He answered recognizing my number with an enthusiastic hello. After I told him I had arrived and what room I was in he said that he would leave immediately. I immediately went toi the Jacuzzi and turned on the water.

In a half an hour he was rapping at my door. When I opened it there he was; meeting him in person after an on line connection was arousing, fascinating and intriguing all at once. In our case, although we had described our appearance to each other and seen each other’s FB posts, pictures and albums, meeting him for me in person was still new. Later as I thought about it the kind of chat were having set up an odd situation. We were so deeply intimate and we knew things about each other’s sexual desires and sexual proclivities yet we had never met until that moment. It made seeing him standing there in the door way a younger man who was a stranger to me (but not really) who was there specifically to have sex with me. My cock hardened as I shook his hand as he entered the room. Once inside behind the door we hugged.

After a relaxed chat sitting on the couch, I was perfectly at ease with him. I was a little surprised as he was a little shorter than I anticipated he would be. I am 6 foot 6 inches. He was 5 foot 7 at most; I had almost a foot on him. He was very young appearing. Initially it made me feel a little anxious as my only experience to date was with a guy who was considerably older than him. As we chatted he told me that his birthday was coming up in December; that made me feel a little better as technically he was almost 30. Thitry minutes into our meet up, and being mutually relaxed there was no awkwardness. i suggested that time was wasting and the Jacuzzi was hot and full. I suggested that a shared soak in the tub was always a great way for me to loosen up before a session. He smiled and agreed that that sounded like a great idea.

Without a lot of fan fare we both began to take our clothes off. It was funny how as each of us undid and discarded an article of clothing we both were furtively checking each others bodies out. When I was down to my specially worn black silk thong his eyes were glued to my crotch and my bulge. He was wearing fashionable micro fiber boxer briefs that hugged his already erect penis. We both slid off our underwear and were standing there naked looking at each other lasciviously. Our bodies could not have been any different. I am tall with a hairy chest and legs, he was notably shorter without a hair on his body. My cock was 8+ inches and semi erect and his cock was 6 inches and totally erect. There was no doubt in my mind that he was really ready for this.

There was no suggestion, or action or explanation that led to what happened next. With equal ease we stepped together to embrace each other cock to cock and kiss. I bent over to bring our lips together; it was a tender kiss that expressed our shared willingness to experiment. After the kiss he took the opportunity to latch his lips onto one of my nipoples and suck it for a few minutes; I had told him about my responsive nipples. It felt heavenly to suckle this handsome young guy and feel his hard penis throbbing on my thigh. I knew then that this was a great idea.

Our make out session got transferred to the warm water of the tub. Our kisses in the surreal sensuality of that warm water were amplified by us fondling each other’s cocks as we kissed. Fondling another man’s erection as I felt him caressing my penis with his hand as I kissed him in a hot tub was a very erotic and exotic activity for me; it added an entirely new dimension to my sexuality. In minutes my penis was fully erect and aching. I was amazing how easy and arousing it was to make out with him. I loved the feeling of his penis in my hand and the feeling of his lips on mine. We could have stayed that way for ever but the water was getting cool and time was ticking on.

We agreed ahead of time that first and foremost was a shared Aneros session. With that in mind I retrieved my Tempo and some lube. I handed the lube to him I was done. As I applied the lube to my anus and the device he stood watching in rapt attention; he watched even more intently as I bent over and exposed my anus to him as I inserted the Tempo in my hole. I then walked to the bed and laid down on my back with my head on a pile a pillows. Opening my legs and bending them it was obvious what I was suggesting. I had always wanted to try a missionary position cock to cock session with a man. Shaking himself out of his voyeuristic state watching me he hastily went to his bag and took out a eupho, lubed it with the tube I gave him and came to the bed.

I held my arms out to him indicating I wanted him to lay between my legs. As he crept between my thighs I reached between his legs to grasp his erection to make sure it was lined up on top of mine as he laid on me. Suddenly I felt my feminine side emerge as I took my lover mount me. However the maleness of our action was reinforced immediately by the feel of his hot hard penis touching mine. Cock to cock contact between two erections is a uniquely erotic and tender sensation. Not only did it stir deeply pleasurable sensations in my penis but ity sent waves of calming bliss to the brain. The most sensitive and intimate part of my body was pressed together with the most intimate and sensitive part of another man’s body. My cock slit began to ooze precum immediately wetting both of our members.

I reached around him as he settled on me to grasp his ass cheeks, both to feel them and hold him but also to make sure our penises remained in alignment. It didn’t take more than a few minutes for both of us for the magic to happen. I felt the telltale gagging reflex deep in my anal canal that told me the aneros was doing its job. The aneros action in my anus was amplified by the reality and the sensation of our cock slits touching and leaking on each other. Slowly that gagging sensation became a warm pulsing glow. The glow in my anuis began to pulse and throb. Slowly it grew and grew until it was a gripping tension that ached with pleasure. The sensation of glowing pleasure in his anus was obviously equal to mine as he hugged me tightly while he gasped and lay quivering on top of me. I held him tightly as the sweet agony in my anus spread through my pelvis. My anus was convulsing, sending waves of euphotia dee4p into my anal canal.

I stroked his head as he buried it in the warmth of my neck under my chin and grunted quietly. We had shared that we both tended to lay still as orgasmic euphoria consumed us; so as orgasm blossomed in both our anuses we lay calmly trembling. We held each other tightly and pressed our cocks together savoring the expanding euphoria that the devices we were both using did their nefarious work.

Once more he brought his lips to mine and we kissed. The act of kissing a naked man as he lay on top on me with his cock on mine as an aneros was auto fucking me detonated a series of orgasms in my anal canal that made me groan and shudder. He took that opportunity to french kiss me. I was both shocked and turned on at the same time. The impact of that kiss was like pouring gasoline on the fire of my orgasm. I was exploding inside. Each orgasmic explosion set a wave in motion that threatened to overwhelm me. The tender torture in my anal canal made me hold him tighter. At the same time he was whining and quivering; I could feel his ass cheeks clenching and shaking as his orgasms mounted and drilled into him.

The meeting point between our cocks was slimy from the cocktail of precum were mixing. We MMOed like that for a full hour, caressing and shuddering and moaning and sweating on each other. We were like drowning men clinging to each other to keep the orgasmic ecstasy from washing us away. Sharing the euphoric bliss that only two guys using prostate massagers can describe was daunting and mind bogglingly intimate. Holding a man between my thighs, cock to cock as he MMOed and I MMOed with him was beyond erotic, it was of another world. I held him like I never wanted him to leave.

Then he made a move that riveted me to him. He began to hump my cock. The slippery juncture of our cocks against each other and our groins was more than he could bear. He began to grind his penis on mine and moan as he thrusted against me. Burying his face in my neck he grunted as he humped me.

Putting both of my hands on his ass I encouraged him as I savored the sexual heat that was building between our erections. Soon I joined him in the lurid dance he initiated, grinding and pressing my cock against his. The divine tension in my penis tightened like a steel spring. We were rutting like two animals. The act of grinding my cock on his wet slippery cock with no shame or embarrassment was so lewd and uncharacteristic for me it became highly erotic. As the imminence of our mutual ejaculation grew closer our thrusting became more desperate and aggressive. I began to urge him with filthy descriptions of what we were doing and how sexy his cock was and how much I wanted to feel him squirt his cum on me.

Then suddenly the frenzy of his humping stopped as he stilled his motion to an erratic pushing; then he lay still pressing his penis against me. I knew what was about to happen. As he grimaced and groaned I felt his cock head swell and his entire shaft lurch; then I felt the flow of his hot semen pouring from him and spreading on my cock. I held him tightly as he spewed and shuddered unloading his orgasmic honey on me. The heat of his semen on my erection sent me into orbit. I began to hump his slimy dick with a determination that caused me to huff and puff and moan. The hand I had on his ass held him tightly and pressed his groin to mine in the grip of imminent ejaculation. As my prostate pumped hard I felt the Tempo deep inside me pressing against my pulsing prostate. As my cock lurched I felt the fierce grip of orgasm milk my gland as I pissed a hot stream of semen between us. The euphoria forced me press him to me as the sweet anguish of release milked me and emptied my balls on him.

The two of us were a sloppy mess of semen. We had mixed a lusty cocktail that coated both of our penises. We were relaxed and exhausted. A mutual shower followed. By the time we were done and wiped off it was almost midnight. It was at this point that the age difference between us became extremely apparent. I was ready for sleep, but his cock was erect again. He was ready for another one.

Fortunately for me, sucking cock is one of my favorite sex acts. However, fatigue was setting in from my long drive and the hot sex we just had. With my condition I n mind I suggested a mouth fuck. I could get away with minimal effort and still enjoy myself as I gave him pleasure. He was more than willing.
I had watched enough gay porn to lie in a position that afforded maximum pleasure and good alignment. I lay across the bed on my back with my head hanging over the edge of the bed and my knees bent and slightly parted. I then told him to stand at the edge of the bed with his feet about a foot away from the bed. Then I had him put his hands on my bent – parted knees. My head was upside down from his body, I was looking up at his balls. I was then able to grasp his erect penis and guide it to my mouth telling him to use my knees to lean against as he thrusted. That was the last thing I said before I had a mouthful of his erect penis.

The position we were in allowed the underside of his glans to rub on the soft roughness of my tongue. I knew it felt good as he was making quiet mewling noises under his breath as he pulled his cock in and out of my sucking mouth. From my standpoint I was watching his balls sway and slap my nose as I suckled on him. I reached up and put my middle finger of my right hand on his anus and began to massage it. For a second he stilled and remained motionless relishing the stimulation on his man pussy. Then he resumed his thrusting. The combination of pelvic thrusting, my tongue, the suction of my lips and my finger on his anus sent him over the edge the second time. This time I could watch his ejaculation close up. His asshole contracted and his cock root twitched as his cum flowed into my mouth. It was thin and watery this time, to be expected for a second ejaculation in less than an hour. But it was still steaming hot.

That night I wondered if hot semen had the same impact on me that warm milk did when I was a kid. Because with a stomach full of his hot cream, I became very sleepy. After his second ejaculation he was too. He got off me and I turned upright putting my head on the pillow. He got into bed with me. The telltale taste of his semen was on my tongue and I kind of liked it.

Sleeping nude with someone is to me perhaps the most intimate act two people can do. In the absence of context and convention the only thing that you have when you are naked in bed with someone with the intent of getting into a comfortable sleeping position is your understanding of that person’s needs and your own. That is easy to do when your bed partner is a long term partner, but when it is someone who is a virtual stranger the act of settling on to sleep could be awkward. In my case that night it was awkward but that awkwardness added a certain degree of excitement to the act. That excitement resulted in me getting an erection.

After a somewhat comical interchange regarding each of our preferred sleeping positions, we decided to spoon with me in the rear laying on the right side of the bed. In retrospect this was absolutely to my advantage because it is my side in bed at home and spooning is the position I used to launch A Less MMO’s in J’s derriere. So we got in that position as I slid my cock head between his hot ass cheeks as he reached over and shut the light. I reached over his hip to fondle his semi erect cock . There was something very serenely erotic about that moment. Fortunately for me he was so tired he fell asleep even as I caressed his beautiful penis.

In a short while I fell asleep too. As is my usual practice I woke at 4am. I usually wake between 3 – 4 am in my normal sleeping patterns. Just as I was at 1AM, my cock was still in his ass crack and I was still spooning him. The eroticism of having my erect cock in a man’ ass as we slept nude in bed sank into my psyche, and my prostate responded. Orgasmic spasms began to convulse in my anal tract as my prostate responded to what my cock was experiencing and my brain realized. As he slept I savored the rhythmically detonating orgasms in my anal tract. Once again, I reached over his hip again to caress his cock, it was already hard in his morning erection.

My heavy breathing and the feeling of my hand on his aroused penis woke him. He murmured to me asking if I was MMOing; the best I could do was respond with an mmm hmmm. The orgasms were doubling up and pulsing hard in my cock root and making my anus spasm in bliss as my prostate contracted with each orgasm. It was difficult to verbalize anything.

Then with a flourish he sat up and threw the covers off of us revealing my flailing cock and weeping cockslit. Pushing me onto my back, he reversed his direction on the bed and straddled my head, hanging his penis directly over my face. He then parted my legs and grasped the base of my semi erect cock and guided my cockhead into the warmth of his mouth as he lowered his own penis to my mouth. Like a fish rising to take bait I sucked the tip of his penis into my lips and began to suckle on it.

The equivalence of the experience of 69ing with a man is much different than 69ing with a woman. Knowing that the sensations I was feeling from having him suck me were the same as the sensations he was feeling from me sucking him was enticing and arousing. Sucking on his erect penis was intensely pleasurable for me. I love sucking coick and I particularly loved sucking his elegant penis. There was something very existential about having his penis in my mouth. I stroked his cockhead with my tongue and shuddered as he echoed what I was doing. I soon realized that the best way to signal to him what I wanted was to do it to him.

I wrapped my arms around his hips and pulled his groin closer to my mouth so I could take more of him in my mouth. I found that I could easily deep throat him; when I did he moaned and stopped sucking on my erection. That realization made me take him deeper in my mouth repeatedly. I brought one of my middle fingers down to his anus once more knowing how much he liked it, and began to tease it and press on his opening. He moaned audibly around my cock in his mouth. Seeing the reaction I was getting I asserted my control over the moment and deep throated him repeatedly sucking hard as I probed his anus with my finger. It was more than he could bear. Laying down so that the base of his cock was pressing against my mouth he released. I felt his anus spasming on my finger as he ejaculated hard; because his cock was down my throat I didn’t get the pleasure of feeling his cum pool on my tongue. Instead he shot his honey down my throat.

When his ejaculation was done his softening cock fell out of my mouth as he collapsed on my chest. I could feel orgasmic aftershock twitches inside his anus on my finger. With his own crescendo complete he resumed sucking me. As he sucked me the sensations of rising ecstasy turned a switch in my brain. I embraced his hips hard and the sweet tension of orgasm wound deep in my anus. The scent of his semen was thick on my breath and the scent of his anus was pungently present inches from my nose. The combination did not revolt me, just the opposite, in the heightened arousal and orgasmic desperation that was gripping my pelvis, I was getting even more turned on.

Needing something to assuage the ejaculation urgency I was feeling, I took his flaccid penis in my mouth and sucked it like it was a baby’s pacifier. This made him work even more assiduously on sucking my cock. He caressed my balls with one hand as he applied my trick of anal massage with the other hand. When he did the result he got was the same as the one I got. I moaned around the diminutive soft cock in my mouth as my ejaculation started. My perineum contracted, my cock root lurched as he held my balls firmly, feeling my balls in his grasp as my orgasm gripped my prostate made my ejaculation intensely hard. The copious volume of semen i pumped and the power of the stream of ejaculate that squirted from my cock slit made him gag as he tried to swallow my thick creamy load. Admittedly it was one of the most powerful ejaculations I ever had.

It was 5:15 AM when he got off of me. Returning his head to the top of the bed I joined him. With slime covered cocks we pulled the covers over us and went back to sleep. It was 8:30 AM when we woke next. I woke to feel his hand caressing my softened penis. I didn’t want to move. It was so luxurious and just lay there as we fondled each other’s cocks neither one of us wanted to get out of bed. So we didn’t. Despite the reality that we had milked prodigious volumes of orgasmic sap from each other’s aching boners in the last 16 hours, there was still plenty of precum flowing that morning. That morning was one of the most sexually decadent mornings I ever had. He missed his first class and I didn’t get to Wisconsin until an hour later than I planned. It was worth it.

We stayed in touch over the following 6 months sharing memories of particularly arousing things of that tryst. He graduated in May and I never heard from him again.

That night was a seminal event (in more ways than one) in my ninth year of aneros use.