“Skating Through Day 10!”

I can’t believe I’m here at Day 10! It really has not been a problem. I thought I would have to stop yesterday due to impending blue-balls. But that feeling was fleeting. So I find myself here probably only a couple of days from a wet dream!

New Night-Time Routine
I decided for the better part of this week to nix wearing a “chastity cup” to bed every night. Instead, I just opted for my pajamas and nothing more. Of course, I sometimes get awakened by a night-time erection, but my take on this is somewhat different this week. Instead of just grabbing a cup and putting it on, I have been firmly “grasping” my erect member, and not stimulating any part of it, just firmly holding on to it. Eventually, the erection starts to subside and I can loosen my grip. It seems to be working. I think it is the over-stimulation (even while wearing a cup) that could be causing the blue-balls.

Morning Listening Session
Just this morning, I went to lie-down with headphones and listen to some relaxing, soothing tracks. But before I did, I wanted to remove any temptation. So I quickly reached for my XO chastity cup and put it on. And as I started listening, I hardly knew I had it on. The music stopped and I fell asleep for a few hours….

Weekly Session
I had a very good session with Eupho Classic this week, although I didn’t blog about it until now. The Eupho I believe is quickly becoming my favorite Aneros now. Its slender design and agile movement make it a contender in the P-stim department. I knew right from the start that this would be a good session. Perhaps a bit too optimistic, but as the session progressed, I knew I was right. One of the hallmarks of this session was some uncontrollable movement of my fingers and hands. That was followed by what I believe were some whole-body convulsions. I had not experienced these in a while so I was surprised at the effect of this particular session. Was I close to a Super-O? Perhaps but after about 30 minutes, I felt my arousal starting to wane and so I decided to end this session on a high note.

Afterthought/Frozen Lake Analogy
I would like to keep this SR “run” going a little bit longer. I read recently that the practice of semen retention (SR) is not the same as practicing celibacy*. It involves separating orgasm from ejaculation. My prostate has been “jumping through hoops” this past week perhaps in anticipation of an impending release!

An SR analogy I can draw (at this time of the year) is slowly walking onto (or skating on) a frozen lake, knowing that the ice is too thin in parts. But I don’t know exactly where that thin ice is! So I gingerly take step-by-step (day-by-day), hoping that the ice can safely hold my weight! If it can, I can proceed. If it can’t, well then, I fall through the ice and have to dry myself off and start all-over again! Touche’.


* Not engaging in sexual intercourse. Avoidance of masturbation is included for many “celibate” people.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/skating-through-day-10/