“No Guarantee”

[Some erotic language; readers be aware]

Over the past 3 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Aneros sessions. Some have been mind-blowing while others have been duds. Why the sudden switch in sensations? I don’t know for sure but I thought about this after this morning’s session. Let me explain….

Yesterday, I had a nice, thorough Aless stim of my “lower” region, especially when sitting-down. I felt that my prostate was “begging” me for a session. Well, I couldn’t have it then and so I put it out of my mind. Early this morning, while still wearing only my PJs (I did this all week), I awoke with a semi-stiff erection and yet my prostate was still nudging me onward! I listened and almost immediately I got the sense that it “wanted” the HelixTrident. A good choice? I was a little doubtful, since my last few sessions with it were less than stellar. Anyway, I obliged, lubed-up and began. I also put-on my Mueller cup just for good measure.

My! Right from the start, the HT nestled-right-in where it belonged, with the P-tab and K-tab pressing where they should. I lied-down on my right side, left knee slightly raised and began to relax. A nice progression of feelings, and I knew I was generating some precum. Then, about mid-way through this 30-minute session, something unexpected happened!

I began to feel the HT beginning to “dance” around my prostate! I know that the Trident series of Aneros massagers were designed for this elusive “third axis” motion (MAMA) but I didn’t really comprehend the physical effects. The HT proceeded to “dance” around my prostate, nudging me and coaxing me with even more subtle pleasure. Not Super-O worthy (IMO) but nevertheless, quite erotically stimulating! There is really not a lot of physical motion involved here, but the effect is there nonetheless. And as I re-positioned myself in bed, first on my right side and then on my back, I could feel the HT continuing to “dance” in different spots. I could have extended this session easily to 45 minutes to an hour but it was already morning and I had to get ready for the day.

As the expression goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” This could also apply to the Aneros massagers. IMHO, you never know if or even when a particular massager will “work” the precum out of your cock, but when it does, you certainly will know it and will feel thoroughly screwed! As I started out, there really is no guarantee of success with Aneros. It is not like an edging session where you are almost guaranteed 100% of a cum. That prostate orgasm can be quite a bit more elusive. But the sensation is second-to-none! Touche’.


PS This was one of those rare sessions where I almost “forgot” I had an Aneros massager within me. This is reminiscent of the “calm-seas” orgasms which are described here. This feeling could have gone on for a good while longer. I am now experiencing a nice Aless as a result of this morning’s session.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/no-guarantee/