Pleasure, emotions and healing

Hi everyone. Long time lurker and even longer time aneros user here. Even after years still no orgasm from aneros use, but not discouraged yet. My personal life experiences during the past couple of years have provoked me to ask a couple of questions:

1) After achieving your first aneros orgasms, did your life change in any way? Mainly interested in changes about your emotional state, your character, spirituality, etc.
2) Did you have any strong emotional struggles during times when you were still unable to orgasm from aneros use?
3) Those of you, who are still unable to orgasm from aneros, are you having any strong emotional struggles at the moment?

The reason I’m asking is because I have sort of “come out of the closet” during the last two years, not about my sexuality, but about my mental health issues. While searching for answers I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff regarding not only mental blocks, but how they connect to physical blocks as well. Humans are both physical and psychological beings, and these aspects don’t function separately, rather they work together. Thus, problems in the mind manifest in the body as well.

In Reichian psychology, the ability to orgasm fully, with involuntary sounds and convulsions, is seen as our natural gift, which is later supressed by trauma. The inability to achieve orgasms like this can lead to neuroses and sickness. Aneros, with it’s ability to produce such orgasms, could then be seen as a potential tool for healing.

I have a very neurotic character, and only during the last couple of months or so have I found that I can actually meditate without going insane. But that ability to be in peace with myself, even for a moment, didn’t come easily. I’m sure this ability is the key to higher sexual pleasure as well.

Thoughts? Does any of the above resonate with any experience you’ve had?


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  1. Not specific to aneros, but my foray into prostate stimulation in general lead me to question my beliefs on pleasure. I was heavily addicted to porn and prostate play helped me dig myself out of that hole and realize my experiences with porn were 100% conditioned and manufactured. I’m 31 and watched porn heavily since I was 15. I just had a 6 month period of sobriety and it was unlike any past attempts to quit. It was so effortless this time because I knew porn could never come close to producing the same raw pleasure as prostate stimulation. I’d say that’s pretty life changing. I’ve yet to come across anyone else who has shared this experience.

  2. The aneros helped me heal a lot of shame I didn’t even know I was carrying around. The first several times I tried it were pretty unsuccessful and seemed like way more trouble than it was worth. Then I read the forums and found this sub and followed a lot of the advice given about focusing on the feelings and treating it more like a meditation than just a wank session with extra steps. No “super-o” but really powerful pleasurable feelings arose. I saw the potential and realized during subsequent sessions that the biggest thing holding me back were shameful thoughts and feelings.

    My identity is pretty wrapped up in hetero masculinity. I have a wife, kid, truck, lift weights, a big beard, construction worker friends etc… so playing with my ass definitely made me have to go through the western taboo that that makes me a sissy. Not that I ever thought there is a problem with being sissy and I have never been homophobic but it just didn’t fit with the way I viewed myself and the way people around me viewed me.

    The aneros sessions made me look at those things in a way I hadn’t before and really got me to unpack my sexuality much further than I ever had prior. So that was one level of shame and the other that was tied to it was that for the reasons above I was keeping it a secret from my wife. We had had problems with secrets in our relationship before and so I really hated that I was being sneaky. When I finally told her and she accepted it and was supportive, I was really able to understand the above feelings and come to accept myself as a complex sexual person with variable desires that go beyond just vanilla sex.

    Once I went down that path and was able to really let go, the p-orgasms came pretty regular. I am not sure if my experience is in the category of super-o but I don’t care because it is amazing a lot and fucking mind blowing sometimes. It also led me to take up meditation as a daily practice and that has been a huge boon to my mental health and well being.

    Now me and my wife’s sex life is better than has been for years and I truly feel more comfortable in my skin. Sorry for the wall of text.

    TL;DR: Yes to at least question one. Healing occurred.

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