The Journey So Far

So I have a MGX Trident and I’ve used it maybe a dozen times over the last 6 months or so. I figured I’d share what I’ve learned in case anyone out there can benefit from it.

For lube, I use only olive oil. It’s a bit expensive, but I know it’s safe to eat and I feel like if you’re going to stick stuff up your butt, it should probably meet that minimal criterion. To help get things going I use a standard 10cc syringe (without a needle of course) and put about 4ccs of olive oil right up in there. Then slowly work the Aneros in and out 2 or 3 times until everything is nice and slippery.

Then I just relax and basically try to do beginners yoga meditation. Close your eyes. Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 10 seconds. Then relax your bladder and bowels. Just relax them, do not “bear down”. Never clench any muscles or exert any force anywhere. Your only goal should be to find more and more muscles that can be relaxed. It’s slow to get it started, but after about 45 minutes I start to have two distinct types of orgasms.

The first kind is centred on the tip of the penis. There will be a lot of tingling and generally good feelings down there. Sometimes I get slightly hard (briefly) and sometimes there are contractions that stimulate a few drops of precum or urine (or both?) to come out, but never an actual ejaculation. So these orgasms have no ejaculatory refractory period and will occur repeatedly. People here sometimes call them “dry orgasms”.

The second kind of orgasm comes from the belly and, at least for me, is usually precipitated by just a hint of discomfort centred on the belly. The orgasm will start there, below the diaphragm and radiate outwards into your fingers and toes. There is almost no involvement of the penis at all when this happens. I think this is technically called a “vagus nerve orgasm”, but it might also be what people here call a “super o”. I am not sure.

What is super interesting to me is that for a few days after I use it, when I just relax I feel it again even though it’s not really there. I think soon I might be able to have a dry orgasm just from getting relaxed enough. It isn’t the device that makes you orgasm, but your own mind. I am not sure why the device helps to “unlock” it, but it is not strictly necessary to experience it.

There are a few negatives too. For example, I find the device has some addictive qualities and it is difficult to pull myself away from it. There is always a craving for more There are also definitely changes in my resting heart rate and breathing after a session. I think a lot of this has to do with vagus nerve stimulation. I feel like I’m getting some conscious control over my own heart rate. It is a very interesting side effect and reminds me of things I’ve heard said about master yogi and monks who achieve certain levels of meditation.


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