“Achieving A Balance”

{This blog post was inspirerd by @GettingThere}

A question recently raised by @GettingThere on the Forum piqued my curiosity:

“Should we treat prostate stimulation as a multiple day activity?”

This got me thinking….I have changed my use of “chastity cups” recently so that I do not necessarily sleep in one every night. It is helping me to get a “better” night’s sleep. But along with that change comes other changes. For one, when I am awakened by a night-time erection, I have a “new” feeling I now must endure—that of a powerful, stimulating erection (and I am not wearing a chastity cup—what to do?) It may last upwards of a half-hour or more. I would be tempted to alleviate this arousal with an ejaculation; but since I incorporate “semen retention” (SR) into my daily sexual routine, I really don’t want to do it.

Where Is The Balance?
Obviously, for me, I need to ejaculate periodically. I am subject (as a lot of other guys) to the “blue-balls” feeling if I am too aroused and do not ejaculate at regular intervals. That duration could be anywhere from 7 to 14 days (usually about 7-9 days now). What happens during that interval?

Ah, that is the question. And that leads me into my Aneros use. I have scaled-back my Aneros sessions now to perhaps once a week. It seems to ‘parallel’ my ramp-up in my T-level caused by abstinence from ejaculation. I like the feelings I get (Aless) when I have delayed the regular prostate massage too long. The ensuing sessions now can be very powerful and I ook forward to them with great anticipation. Other Aneros users have posted a similar result recently. Is this normal? What is “normal”? And that leads me to the next, pivotal question…

What Is “Normal” Prostate Response?
In my opinion, this will vary from man to man and I don’t believe a generalization can be made here. What IS “normal” for nearly all of us guys are the night-time erections which we all have to experience. How we “manage” these is entirely up to us. Yes, most of these are occurring while we are asleep but sometimes (like in my case) we are awakened by one.

Particularly when experiencing the mostly involuntary “Aless” response, I have to chart my own course for my sexual health and well-being:

Do I want to ejaculate? If so, how will I do it? And how frequently?
Do I want to edge? If so, for how long? Will I ejaculate or stop?
Do I want a prostate massage? If so, how frequently and with which Aneros? How long will the session last?
Do I want to practice semen retention? If so, how long in-between release?
Do I want to have sex with a partner? If so, how frequently? What duration? With or without ejaculating?
Do I want to wear a chastity cup? Which one? For how long?
Do I want to be locked-up in a chastity cage (where I am not the keyholder?)
And on, and on…..

I have explored a myriad of options here concerning our sexual well-being. What is the “right” path for me? What is the “right” path for you? I think that the answer is clear. There is no overall “right” path to sexual (or prostate) fulfillment. Every guy has to find his own way. When he achieves that perfect “balance” it can reap many rewards for him and he can feel a great satisfaction that is his alone. Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/achieving-a-balance/