My massage therapist

I had a scheduled appointment with my massage therapist this week for a full body massage. While lying on the table we talked as we usually do about different subjects. I was lying on my stomach and she was massaging my entire left side which she had uncovered she she told me that she had sent away for an aneros toy and gave it to her boyfriend as a present. We had talked about it as a method a draining the prostate before. She seemed eager to discuss it so I encouraged her to do so!
She explained that last weekend she prepared the befroom with candlelight and soft music and awaited her boyfriend to enter. He did totally naked and llaid dfacedown on yhe bed. She lubed the helix and inserted into his rectum. She told me that she massaged him while he attempted to have an aneros orgasm. She told me that eventually she turned him over and to her surprise the sheets were wet and his cock was oozing precum. After a frontal massage and a time enjoying his toy stimulating his prostate she helped him ejaculate by gently touching his cock. She told me he literally exploded shooting cum in the air. She thanked me for introducing her to aneros!
She had finished massaging my entire back by now and asked me to turn over under the drape. I did and my cock which had been pinned down under my belly saluted like a soldier, oozing off precum. She said my my I guess my little encounter aroused you. I was embarassed but she said no worries and removed the drape exposing my erection. She proceeded to massage me never touching my manhood which aroused me even more and caused my precum to flow.
After she had finished my massage I told her that I was so aroused and intended to do something about it as my spouse was going out for the evening and I would have the entire night to myself. She asked if I was going to attempt an aneros orgasm and I said yes and she said enjoy!