Riding the Rail

I have had a blog on and off for 14 years. My blogs have been both here and in other forums and on Word Press. Between all 4 blogs I had 10,000 subscribers and 800 pages (single space) of 600 + entries. That 14 year written log was a weekly diary of my sex life, what I was thinking, doing and feeling during that entire time. It also inspired a complete erotic novel and 2 others that are in the works.

That written record has been incredibly useful to me now as a tool to read and reflect on where I have been, what experiences I had and what I learned. All of the times, dates and details I have written here in this latest blog came from that written record. The timeline nature of this blog and the perspective that I am offering in these entries is a summary of lessons learned. In the context of all the entries I came to realization that my 9th year was a turning point in my journey.

My 9th year was for me what the Amish call rumspringa. Rumspringa is a designated period for youth to “run around”; some Amish communities call it “wilding”. For me that year was the culmination of a 9 year long run of wild sexual activities that were well outside of normal for me. They were fueled by the liberating and deeply erotic lessons from Aneros and my subsequent rewiring. Reading back through the blog entries of that particular year I could see that as the year came to a close I was ratcheting down my activities into a less wild and more internal focus. However as year 9 came to a close the “normal” me was much more sexually skilled and enlightened than I was before I started. In real terms, that means that my sexual activity became more focused on my solo anal experience and my sexual connection with my wife.

My heightened awareness helped me improve my skills giving sexual pleasure to myself as well as giving pleasure to her. This was most apparent in cunnilingus, which was and still is my favorite sexual activity with her. I was able to more carefully target the various parts of her pussy, modulating what I did and how I did it. I learned that less is more and patience has profound rewards. The net result was she had intense orgasms that drove her to the brink and we shared extreme sexual pleasure together.

The real turning point for me was in an entry that described an activity that we still do together that came from my rewiring and increased sexual awareness as well as enhanced mind – body connection. I call it “Riding the Rail”. I developed an acronym for it that I began to use as a signal to her during the day that I wanted to do it that night. That acronym was RTR. I would text her “RTR tonight” or I would leave a note “RTR tonight” on her desk before I left for work that day.

RTR was and is a milestone for me because it brings together the mental – biophysical – energy dimensions of sexual response in both of us as well as our shared sexual pleasure. I could not have done RTR until I got to my 9th year. For her RTR was a wonderful development as it accommodated her longer warm up time to be aroused and have orgasms and it offered her the pathway to take control of her own sensations and sexual response. It helped her clear her mind during sex and use me as a tool to enhance her sensation of pleasure. It also removed any guilt she felt for her longer warm up time. Having her do that was and is still a huge turn on for me.

RTR capitalizes on both of our anatomies. It works because her clit fits perfectly into the cleft under my cockhead when she sits on my cock. That is the critical connection. Her clit and my sulcus are the points on both of our bodies where the maximum sexual energy flows. In terms of electricity my cleft and her clit when joined, make 220 volts. What follows is the description of how we do it.

The early anticipation is critical, as it builds desire in both of us. I will usually suggest RTR the evening after I have done an early morning A Less. The A Less amps me up and keeps me aroused and erect on and off all day in preparation for the night. When we are showered and ready for it, one of us will spread a quilt and sheet on the floor in our bedroom. We have a thick carpet in the room that in combination with the quilt is easy on knees, and backs.

We prefer the floor because it offers more solid footing and a firmer platform. The bed sinks too much and does not offer enough resistance when she presses down on my cock head. When we come to the floor we are obviously both naked. After I am on the floor on my back, she will usually be the one to lube up my tempo and insert it in my anus. She will use the time before she mounts me to straddle my face and bring her pussy to my mouth so I can kiss her clit and tongue her opening. Ten to fifteen minutes of oral preparation really gets her juices flowing and electrifies her clit. She will return the favor by kissing and licking my cock head, making sure it is wet with my precum and her saliva.

She then straddles my hips lowering her vagina to my cock shaft, spreading her pussy lips to envelope my shaft like it is a hot dog in a bun. She then will shift forward so that her erect clit in nestled in the cleft under my cock head. We then lock eyes and extend our arms to bring out hands in contact with each other’s nipples. I usually signal of what we do to each other’s nipples. She will ordinarily follow my lead although if she wants something different she will over ride me and I will follow her lead.

We then lock eyes. She then presses her clit down on my cock cleft, firmly but not putting her full weight down. My MMO responds to pressure on the underside of my cock head. Usually within 10 minutes the Tempo do its job, erecting and massaging my prostate and give me P waves. A short while after that I am in full blown Super Os. Super O’s make my slit ooze pre cum in a stream. When she looks down and sees my slit oozing and she sees my face stressed in the ecstatic torture of MMO, it makes her pussy grool flow like mad.

There is no grinding or thrusting; she will look from my eyes to my cock head. It turns her on to see my precum drip and see me being drilled by anal orgasms. The denial of friction for her as she witnesses me experiencing the sweet agony of MMO is the most powerful foreplay she can have. It is like I am performing for her. Add to the visual and mental aspects of what we are experiencing the physical sensation of slippery clit and cock cleft pressed together and I am floating in detonating orgasmic rapture. I will MMO for an hour typically as she gets more and more excited. She gets to determine when we move to her orgasm; usually it is when she can’t stand it anymore. She is in the driver’s seat as to when she wants to orgasm.

When she decides she wants to cum, she will start thrusting, in essence frotting her clit on my cock. She will invariably have two or maybe three orgasms rubbing her clit on my cock head, putting on a very erotic show for me as she does. It turns me on looking into her eyes as her orgasm builds. Her face will shift from a semi frown of determination to dazed and confused elation as her orgasm grips her cunt. The signal that I want to ejaculate is: I will pull her down to lie on me so some of her weight is off my pelvis. I am then able to thrust upward and grind my cockhead in her sloppy cunt to bring on myejaculation. Kissing her will also make me ejaculate quickly. Also my ejaculation is enhanced when I am hugging her as I cum.

The feeling of my hot semen spreading in her cunt and coating her clit will sometimes make her orgasm again. Like me hugging me as I am ejaculation in her lips stimulates her orgasm. Depending on how randy she is feeling she will sometimes offer her semen sodden pussy to my mouth for me to clean her pussy. But that is another entry on fluid bonding that will follow.

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