Aneros recommendation

So I have a Helix Syn which I great enjoy but I’ve been thinking of getting another aneros product to vary things? Is that a good idea? I’ve considering the Progasm Jr and the helix trident. Any recommendations or thoughts? I’m wondering what people’s experiences are? I personally want something that’s aggressive when it comes to prostate stimulation.


5 comments on “Aneros recommendation

  1. I got the Helix trident first; it’s just ok. Just got MGX and Progasm, MGX is my current favorite.
    I am in the extreme minority when i say the njoy purewand doesn’t seem to do much for me.
    G spot rabbit vibrators have been great… though as some say, it “takes your session in a very different direction” compared to an aneros.

  2. i started with the Helix Syn it was great had some super o’s. Just got the trident Maximus and wow it seems to get me there quicker. It is very full feeling and the P-tab is quite agressive. Next try will be a Eupho to see if more movement feels good too.

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