New experience

Just received my first Aneros message toy. I’ve read everything on the g spot so I kinda understand it. I followed information and had a relaxing evening and cleaned myself, shaved and showered. Room temp up and lights out. Here I go. Relaxed, breathing and lubed. Felt with my finger to get familiar. Couldn’t feel my g spot. Inserted my new friend and got no resistance. Just like stated it’s like it came home. Perfect shape. It almost pulled from my fingers. I tried the side position leg straight other bent. Pulsating muscles and feeling where it is taking my time. Tried on my back knees bent. Tried squatting to feel change. Even tried standing and that feeling was good.
Question to the experience, I’m assuming I’m feeling the right spot do you just keep pressure there or bump and grind it?
Anyway, I spent about 3 hours feeling around. Got some good feelings but I’ll keep trying.