Music triggering an orgasm?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate sub to ask this, but curious if anyone else has experienced a full body/emotional orgasm resulting from listening to music? I actually haven’t tried this yet with the aneros in, but several times just hitting a hash oil pen and listening to some tunes, I am able to elicit this type of bodily response. The first time it was like a wave of pleasure rolling up my body and felt similar to a penile ejaculation. I remember being sexually aroused that time. Other times it is a flurry of emotion and sensation of extreme peace and warmth and sexual arousal is the last thing on my mind. Last night I was literally brought to tears by this sensation and felt stress/anxiety melt away, extreme happiness yet sadness at same time. I smoke fairly regularly and it always helps my aneros sessions, but weed by itself usually makes me more anxious if I don’t have something to distract myself. It’s not all music either, only particular songs with melodic/euphoric guitar solos/riffs that build to a crescendo. I’m sure a lot of it is the weed but this is a new experience since starting prostate play so I’m inclined to think that has something to do with it as well.


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    No way of knowing how anyone else feels, but frission experiences / ASMR experiences for me share the same tingling and some of the areas involved (spine up through the neck and head) as when I am feeling buzzing spread from the aneros. Always had a mild curiosity if anyone else who experiences these things feels the same way.

    Also, independent of aneros, THC will allow me to experience frission easier, so that link has also lent to the curiosity.

  2. I may have accidentally been doing this in some of my first cannabis-assisted aneros sessions. I live in a student neighborhood and parties are pretty common on weekends. A lot of them play EDM, which is very much written by and for people on drugs and having sex.

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