The beast awakened and unleashed

I went to bed last night at 9:30, as I needed to get up at 4:30. Having had an amazing 2.5 hour Aless session from 4am yesterday morning, followed by a 2 hour session with the Helix, culminating in a Super T, my prostate was humming all day.

Lying in bed, it only took 15 minutes of aless, just focusing on tiny motions pulling in my TA muscles, before I was swooning in whole body warmth, with what I assume were Dry-Os. From quarter past midnight, I was drifting between sleep and awake, feeling the contractions of my abdomen, PC and anal muscles taking me through the most seductive of pleasures. Although I did not experience any orgasm after the early ones, I got plenty of involuntaries, where the Helix was sucked in so deep, it felt like it wanted to come out the other side.

I tried to focus on the energy ball suggested by @SOwithoutAneros, which had the effect of helping me relax my muscles rather than tensing up.

After getting back from the gym this morning at 7am, the Helix went straight in and I spent the next 90 minutes, feeling a myriad of sensations. I definitely felt the small pulsing of blood in the anal muscle and the resultant tiny movements across my prostate.

This session was not as powerful as yesterday morning’s one, but I used a technique I read to bring myself to ejaculation through intermittent penis stimulation and then removing hands just prior to ejaculation. Having finished up, I discovered the postman had been and left a parcel containing a new Trident Eupho and Maximus on the doorstep, along with some small lube injectors. The MGX was out of stock.

It looks like my prostate has been unleashed and has now turned into a beast, demanding satisfaction continually during the day. I’m not sure what I’ve done starting on this journey, as I have a somewhat addictive personality and I have visions of me turning into Gollem, living in a dark cave, ranting about my ‘precious’.