Musings and Tempo

Over the last 5 weeks away, I’ve been travelling overseas and, during that time, along the Aneros road, learning about my different friends, Helix, Maximus and MGX. Eupho got to hold the fort at home.

It’s been a mind blowing road so far and although I dabled with Tantra, some 30 years ago, I would have liked to have discovered the Aneros ‘training wheels’, which have rewired me in an amazing way.

Seeing my wife for the first time in 5 weeks, our sex was pretty magical. I reaquainted myself with the Eupho while she was out in the morning and I found new pleasures within minutes, which set me up with that familiar buzz all day long. I had bought my wife a new Lelo wand, so in the afternoon we got to try that out. Apart from the fun that generated, I also found that my orgasms were more intense and I was able to last longer before ejaculation. In addition, I had a beautiful dry-O with my wife lightly tonguing my frenulum. What was most apparent was that the ability to relax into the sensations made the feelings far more intense and I could understand that the mental connection with my wife is a major factor in feeling. Before, it was always more physical.

2:18 and I wanted more

I had woken up with some pleasurable feelings in my prostate and started to encourage them, but decided that I needed sleep. I lubed up an popped in the Maximum and then lay back down to sleep. What followed for the next 5 hours until the alarm went off at 7:30 was blissful state of sleep and wakefulness, with waves of pleasure and orgasms, one big one where my prostate seems to roll itself 360 degrees inside me.

Finally at 7:30 I snoozed the alarm and let another 20 minutes of orgasms continue before I had to get up, so finished off with an ejaculation.

Wow! As has been said in the forums, every session is different. I’ve not yet learnt how to say no to more orgasms without finishing myself off with a wet one. Master it I will 🙂

Arrival of the Trident Eupho and Maximus

As the postman was kind enough to deliver the new Eupho and Maximus, it would have been rude of me not to try them immediately. I didn’t have much time, but wanted to get a feel for how each behaved.

I opted for the Eupho first. Much slimmer than the Helix and a slightly different angle. I popped it in and lay down on the sofa and just started reading some news. Well wow!!! After about a minute, I suddenly felt some involuntary spasms, jerking my hips off the sofa.

It seemed that this little device was like inserting a pencil into a pencil sharpener, it fit right in the spot and touched the absolute core of where it was intended to go. The sensations were so very focused right in the centre of my prostate. Just lying still, it felt like the tip of the Eupho was making 1mm circles round the centre of my being at 100mph.

Due to my morning ministrations, I wasn’t expecting much, but the timer for my lunch in the oven went off, so I set up a couple of dining room chairs and sat with one leg on each chair and my backside hanging in the gap. That was pretty amazing, as the Eupho has more travel in and out than the Helix, so I felt it much more in my anus that the Helix and when it spasmed, I felt like I was being piston fucked and this went on through involuntary contractions for about 5 minutes. I had to go out, so brought myself to ejaculation a short while later

Waking up

A tingling in my groin woke me. It was pitch black in the room and I had no idea what time it was.

I was lying on my back, legs together and very quickly, I started to feel waves of pleasure come over me as my prostate came fully awake.

I am now starting to understand the different feelings I get. There is the intense feeling right in my perineum; a diffuse warm feeling in my pelvis; a warm intense glow throughout my body, extending into my head; clamping in my abdomen, sometime gut-wrenching, causing my body to fold in the middle, my abdomen rock hard.

I get all of these now. Every time I find my abdomen starting to tighten up, I use @SOwithoutAneros’s technique to make sure I am not using any contractions and to focus just on the waves coursing through me. Each time, I relax and focus on the energy ball, a new, higher, more intense wave washes over me. Memories of my wife and I making love last Sunday come to me and I remember her fingers battling with my tongue as she came to orgasm herself. The thought pushes new waves over me.

My wife tosses and turns next to me, her movements causing spasms to go through me as the mattress moves.

Time passes and I have no idea how long and I drift between light sleep and beautiful waves of pleasure. Each time I feel myself come back to consciousness, I feel the waves more intense, as though the dipping into semi-sleep has relaxed all my muscles even more, intensifying the feelings.

The beast awakened and unleashed

I went to bed last night at 9:30, as I needed to get up at 4:30. Having had an amazing 2.5 hour Aless session from 4am yesterday morning, followed by a 2 hour session with the Helix, culminating in a Super T, my prostate was humming all day.

Lying in bed, it only took 15 minutes of aless, just focusing on tiny motions pulling in my TA muscles, before I was swooning in whole body warmth, with what I assume were Dry-Os. From quarter past midnight, I was drifting between sleep and awake, feeling the contractions of my abdomen, PC and anal muscles taking me through the most seductive of pleasures. Although I did not experience any orgasm after the early ones, I got plenty of involuntaries, where the Helix was sucked in so deep, it felt like it wanted to come out the other side.

I tried to focus on the energy ball suggested by @SOwithoutAneros, which had the effect of helping me relax my muscles rather than tensing up.

After getting back from the gym this morning at 7am, the Helix went straight in and I spent the next 90 minutes, feeling a myriad of sensations. I definitely felt the small pulsing of blood in the anal muscle and the resultant tiny movements across my prostate.