“An Interesting Morning!”

Got up very early, about 1 AM and wanting to put myself in chastity. I selected my XO ProCup supporter and it felt so good to put it on. Not soon after, I got the urge for a quick Aneros session. I got the sense that it was time to take SGX for a ride. I lubed it up with SSG and started out. Now this session was not a blockbuster but I felt some rather gentle “nudges” on my prostate. I was quite surprised that this session lasted almost 30 minutes. Not much precum but I felt a “pump” or two.

Retired to my sofa and began to listen to some very soothing “deep forest” tracks which felt so nice. I am always surprised by the pseudo-refractory period I experience following a session and this was no exception. My flaccid cock remained in that state for at least an hour-and-a-half. Eventually, it waked-up and I could feel it beginning to grow beneath the cup.

Toward the end, I began to dwell on the design of the cup and how it protects not only my balls and my cock, but also wraps under my perineum and actually protects my prostate as well. I accidentally dropped a remote control on my unprotected balls last night and was surprised at the level of (brief) pain that yielded. Ouch! Fortunately, it lasted only but a minute then subsided.

The next part of the early morning caught me by surprise: I had a sudden, strong urge to listen to “Hands Free Orgasm 4″ by Binaural One. I put my headphones on, low volume and began listening. Did I really want to ejaculate? I wouldn’t be bothered if I did. Now at Day 6 of SR, I know it is now only a matter of days before my next orgasm. I managed to listen about half-way through this stimulating track. My prostate was buzzing non-stop now and if I listened to the complete track, I believe I would have been very close to an ejaculation. (But that’s what the track is for!) I was quite aroused after this and, checking the inside of the cup, was not surprised to see a good amount of precum still oozing from the tip. I am now soft again.


PS “Prostate Awareness” I became very aware of my prostate yesterday. If I but do just a few PC contractions (or brief pulses) I can feel it “nudge” my prostate. There is but a brief feeling one would experience during a full-blown ejaculation. It is comforting to know that all the “plumbing” is in place to allow my next ejaculation!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/an-interesting-morning/