I’m not sure if I’ve been close to an orgasm…

It’s been around 6 months that I’ve been using my Aneros Progasm (recently I got the Helix Trident too) and sometimes I have felt like when you’re close to ejaculation (but not at the point when you’re gonna ejaculate), but that’s it. It’s like I can’t go beyond that point. Is this how it feels when you’re close to an orgasm? Am I doing the contractions wrong? Thanks in advance.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/asupo6/im_not_sure_if_ive_been_close_to_an_orgasm/

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  1. How long do you go for? In my experience, if I drag out a session for too long I start to get the feeling that I’m close to ejaculating. But it never comes. Nowadays I finish up when I start having that feeling.

  2. Are you trying to seek out an orgasm? That doesn’t work for me very well. Instead try to imagine that you’re trying NOT to orgasm and the toy is alive and it’s trying to get you to orgasm. That works pretty well for me. One time I had such a long and intense orgasm that I had a headache the day afterward.

    Edit: Long meaning at least an hour long.

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