New to Aneros, not sure what type of orgasm

I am new to Aneros, but as a gay (mostly) bottom (also into spanking), I’ve been fucked hundreds and hundreds of times so the progasm is nothing to put in/take out. But wow, it’s definitely the best prostate stimulator toy I’ve ever encountered. I’m not too sure of the “Aneros Cult” terminology you see on here, but what I’ve already experienced is like this. If I just put it in and do nothing, nothing happens; even a little nudging the contractions doesn’t do much. But external movement of the aneros back and forth eventually produces a strong response, with “wavelike” qualities I see people talking about. Although my dick doesn’t get that hard, the orgasm is penile; there is come, although not that much. Not sure what type of prostate-orgasm to call that.


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  1. Well, I haven’t had an orgasm yet, but what I can tell you is that don’t worry about your penis if it’s hard or not, when having a prostate orgasm it may be either way. If there is cum, it doesn’t mean you’re having an orgasm, it’s just the pre-cum that comes when were aroused or when we stimulate our prostate. I haven’t had an orgasm yet, but seems at least you having a good response by having those “wavelike” sensations, even though is recommended to don’t move the Aneros with your hands but just with contractions that will lead you to the called “super-o”.

  2. Sounds like things ended with a traditional orgasm and ejaculation.

    However, the “waves” you felt are the beginning of a whole new thing. Next time, try to relax as much as possible and focus solely on the waves. Avoid clenching and manual stimulation as long as possible. Try to relax more than you’ve ever relaxed before and really focus your mind on the waves. You might find a whole new type of thing is possible.

  3. you mean u have a penile orgasm(with sperm ejaculation?) with a flaccid penis while stimulating your prostate? or u are just having none sperm ejaculation, precum-like slimy liquid coming out, well its also normal to have some white and milky prostatic fluid coming out when u stimulate your prostate. but if u didnt feel the refractory period and able to achieve the waves like orgasm again and again, u were having a prostate orgasm! i use the term sperm and none sperm ejaculation because, in my experience, prostate orgasm is anything but dry. i also manually stimulate my prostate with aneros syn, and oh man i can have the wave like orgasm anytime i want, up to 100 orgasm in 2 hours. i have alot of slimy liquid coming out each time i have the powerful orgasm and mostly my penis is flaccid too. i think what we are experiencing is also a prostate orgasm but much stronger and pleasurable than the method other aneros user are using, which is leave in there and hope for the best method. glad to see someone is having the similar prostate orgasm as i have. i think we call it prostate orgasm is because the orgasm is caused mainly by prostate(which is the most sensitive part in our urinary system) stimulation, but the nerve ending around our anus is being stimulated and they are very pleasurable too, thats why theres even a term call poophoria. when the orgasm occur theres alot of nervous system like parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system at work there. its the same as penile orgasm, we call it penile orgasm because its mainly caused by penile stimulation, but theres so much at work behind, your pelvis moves, your anus would also contract and relaxes during, all the nervous system are at firwork. doesnt matter what its called, i have look so much on the internet, theres minimal info and even video for the type or orgasm im having, i think its the strongest form of prostate orgasm and its even rarer than the “leave in there and hope for the best” prostate orgasm. have fun!

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