4 comments on “Newbie Tips

  1. I should clear up, not new to butt stuff. I am however new to prostate play. I’ve had a few experiences where I had that spot get hit just right and I am in it to feel that again.

  2. Start with the Helix, although if you’re experienced with ass play then the Progasm should work. Sounds like you have the kegels down. Really work on relaxing, breathing rhythmically and listening to your body, do the squeezes very lightly and gently, use different muscles, visualize the movements and pressure points in your head. Focus on new and unusual sensations, ride the pleasure waves, wherever you feel them. Then alternate with harder and longer squeezes. There are tons of possible workouts in the forums.

    The other important aspect is the pleasure rewiring, learn to make your ass and prostate a pleasure source with NO penis touching. It’s all in the forums tbh!
    Get the mechanics down, the relaxation and breathing and finally the rewiring and you’ll be having super os in no time. It takes some practice though. Best of luck!

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