Which Trident to get?

I’m not new to butt play but have never used Aneros before. Would love to know your thoughts on the first one to get? Have heard great things about the Trident series, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I tend too like a bit more heft and weight but not overly huge. I currently use the nJoy, but it’s just not long enough. I like to feel full. Thanks!

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  1. I just got a trident Helix last week. I received it yesterday and of course had to test it out… And OMG… It was wonderful. I’ve heard that it is easier to “control” and “maneuver” than the Helix trident syn. Something about the arms being more flexible in the syn version. It’s also only the first aneros I’ve ever had so I won’t be of much help, just thought I’d share my experience.

  2. I’m plenty experienced with anal play and thought that I’d enjoy the size of the Progasm. It’s good, but doesn’t quite seem to have the movement that works best for me. Just got a Helix last week and after one session I can say that it definitely moves a bit more and I think it’ll be more effective.

  3. First aneros was a Helix Syn, i cut the handle of to make it more comfortable lying down. It was amazing, then P-tab finally broke inside the silicone during a agressive handjob from my wife! i now have the trident Maximus and it is amazing, the hard lastic is awkward at first but it sure does fill me up. Now i need to order up the trident Helix Syn i think it will be perfect!

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