Abstinence did play a role in my prostate play quality

I used to brush off that abstinence does not affect the quality/pleasure of my prostate play at all. My mood was the main factor. But recently i discovered that I was wrong. If I tried to have an aneros session or any prostate massage session with my wife on the day that I had a normal orgasm, the quality of the session will go down the drain. It feels empty and i could not have any super-O, or even had a problem achieving mini-O. The only pleasure that I get is the initial high that the aneros slides in and touch my prostate. That feeling diminished fast. So fast that I am bored after 2-3min into the session.

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/abstinence-did-play-a-role-in-my-prostate-play-quality/