Are there other strategies besides “do nothing approach”?

All I’ve really tried before is the “relax and do nothing approach” and it’s gotten me off to a good start on my journey to the super-O. My question is are there other techniques to try? If so what are some that I should try?



  1. I have owned an aneros Helix Syn for more than a couple of years before I realise I can use it manually too, and that’s when I discovered my first super o, the leave in there and hope for the best method never worked for me. Manually massage ur prostate with aneros is a good way to awaken ur prostate for orgasm. Even aneros is slightly too long for my shallow prostate, mainly I only insert half of the insert able length and thrust it in and out. U can try to angle it differently with different frequency. Now I can have unlimited prostate orgasm, multiple orgasm is a super duper underatatement for me. Good luck

  2. There are plenty! I encourage you to try a few and see what feels best for you! I would try to explain but the wiki does it best!

    [Here you go!](

    I myself have fun with the “Try Not to Orgasm” method! You don’t physically try to not let it happen, as I mistakenly thought at first, but relax the body as much as possible and then whenever it feels good try to resist it, it’s really fun!

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