“Ejaculation By Degrees”

While lying in bed early this morning, unable to get back to sleep, I began to dwell on some basic male biology: In particular, the function of the male reproductive system and all that entails: masturbation, ejaculation and orgasm. And what I discovered was not earth-shattering but quite interesting. Male reproduction, by definition, is designed to be portable. So we are able to “service” an available female any time, any place. That is our function in this world. We are all familiar with the basic mechanics of sex. But do we realize just how powerful and portable it is? Let me elaborate….

Taking It Slower
Of course, the end ‘goal’ is an ejaculation, we all know that. But along the way, there are numerous things that can happen. Take masturbation, for example. If I want to, I can ejaculate in probably a minute or two. But if I take my time and fantasize, I can delay that ejaculation for perhaps 20 or 30 minutes. And during that time, a sexual fantasy can transport me to an exotic place where I can bask in the male pleasure of total sexual arousal until my orgasm is inevitable. Of course, with that length of arousal, I would be sure to develop the ‘blue-balls’ if I do not complete the ejaculation. So, once on that course of action, I need to make sure that I do in fact, ejaculate.

Starting, Then Stopping
When I sleep without wearing a “chastity cup”, invariably I can awaken following a dream sequence with a nice, firm, arousing erection. But that doesn’t mean that I need to ejaculate. In fact, many times, while I am aware of the erection and ‘play’ with my package for a while, that doesn’t mean that I want to ejaculate. Quite the contrary, most times I will just lie-there and relax and let nature allow it to gradually subside as it always will.

Always There
Regardless of the degree of arousal, our male reproductive system accompanies us wherever we go! We don’t need any ‘toys’ or ‘accessories’. Our ‘pleasure-pack’ goes with us wherever we do! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/ejaculation-by-degrees/