Is My Erection Distracting Me?

I’ve been using my Helix Syn for about two months or so now, though somewhat infrequently due to lowered libido from meds. Despite that though, I’ve been making noticeable progress with each subsequent session.

Last night, for instance, I had some pretty strong twitches all over my body, though it lacks any pleasure to go along with it. From what I can tell, this is normal, and sooner or later I’ll begin feeling something from it.

The last two sessions, however, I noticed a slight problem: As soon as things begin getting good, I’ll become erect. This wouldn’t be an issue (actually I think it adds a lot to the experience) except that whenever that happens, all pleasurable feelings cease. My best guess as for why this is happening is that when I become erect, my attention turns to my penis instead of my prostate, thus causing me to lose all feeling.

I’m curious to know if this has happened to anybody else, and if there’s any advice for me, or if it is similar to the spasms in that it will get better in time.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you.



  1. I have that issue too. Although I only get semi erect, my attention shifts away from the prostate feelings to my penis


    I recently bought a (cheap knock-off) chastity cage to wear during my aneros sessions and so far that worked out great. I still notice there is a change in my penis during the session, but the feeling is more constant and the cage puts more pressure to the base of the penis rather than the head touching the covers, allowing me to keep my concentration on the p-waves.

  2. I only get erections during Aneros sessions when my arousal gets so high that I slip into old habits and start cranking up my sexual fantasy as if i’m racing to finish a quick wank. It’s like my body reverts into traditional masturbation mode.

    If I feel myself getting hard I just relax, slow down and deepen my breathing and focus on what i’m feeling throughout my body. I find it helpful to have a very innocuous image in my head (in my case i’m a gay gay with a leather fetish so I picture a hot guy in a leather jacket) and only bring this image to the front of my thoughts when I need that “butterflies in stomach” rush of excitement to keep things flowing. But instead of letting that feeling rush to my dick, I imagine it washing through my whole body.

  3. It used to happen to me as well in the first tries, I tried a variety of things and this worked out for me:
    – being erect adds to the erotic feelings, so instead of trying to feel something specific, just kind of try to relax into that erotic feeling and listen for other subtler sensations, enjoy being erect and the feelings it gives you. Do not touch your penis. That’s the golden rule.
    -i also at that point started with helpful imagery that may arouse you even more and contribute to the overall arousal level. Mental images, porn, saying stuff out loud, whatever works.
    -you should also at that point start your contractions, try to hold them, do them at different intensities, alternate between ass and pc muscles, etc. Enjoy the sensations and be comfortable with them
    -you must keep on breathing and relax, don’t expect crazy stuff, don’t create a mental expectation, relax and enjoy the moment and subtle feelings. Stay in that mental relaxation and arousal state, try to mantain it for at least 1 hour, at the start, 2 hour sessions or even linger can be very helpful to get you familiarized and confortable with the sensations.
    -very useful was also touching, caressing etc my whole body, while relaxed during the session and finding new sensations and exploring where a touch would bring new sensations and increase the arousal.

    Usually at those early stages, if you stop feeling and your mind wanders too much to your penis, i found that for me, it was due to insufficient rewiring (look it up in the forums), insufficient strength and control over your pelvic area muscles (PV vs. anus, etc), and not enough mental relaxation and breathing. Enjoy without expectations and with open mind and you’ll progress guaranteed.

  4. I almost always get erect right before a prostate orgasm. For me its a sign of good things to come, and it literally feels like a harder, stronger erection than from normal arousal. Next time just go with it and focus on your breathing and the feelings in your ass, you might be surpised what happens.

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