not a super o but pretty good ones

after a month or so from my last go, i had a bit of time to try again. I had abut 45 min or so. Once inserted, it only took a few minutes to start… – i have been in chastity on and off since last Friday. I was nn my bed, just doing nothing, breathing and feeling the sensations on my P spot. Slow movements started and flexing trying to find the right area.. and i a had an O. Not a major one, but pretty good. And for some reason i got out of bed and laid on the floor. Knees up and feet against the wall. that felt good.. i could feel it building again , and i laid on my side.. yep… here we go.. it happened again.. i bit stronger, and lasted longer. i was dripping precum pretty good. But i did not ejac. I do know i was out of breath. and it happened. I was a bit tired after.



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