“An Easy Choice For Chastity”

I write often about male chastity. In particular, the use of an athletic jockstrap with a hard cup, what I like to refer to as a “chastity cup”. It is such a part of my daily “routine” that most nights, I either wear one throughout the night or only part of the night.

Why Chastity?
Wearing these cups assists me in many ways. For starters, they absolutely prevent masturbation with a resultant ejaculation! That is a major benefit with an arousing erection, especially since I have trouble keeping my hands to myself! By keeping my “zone” off-limits, I can’t pleasure myself.

I have tried a “cock cage” for a while; I have a genuine CB-6000S and wear it from time to time. But when compared to the cup, there is much more preparation for use and maintenance required. Aside from the possibility of having a “keyholder” (which I did not do), there is not much more that I can recommend the cage over the cup. Yes, it is probably easier to “hide” a cage out in public (which I’ve done) because wearing a cup can definitely cause a “bulge” which may be noticeable. Also, the cages (whether plastic or metal) are significantly more expensive than a cup.

Another advantage of wearing a “cup” is daily management. Putting-on a cup is as easy as putting on a pair of underwear. Hygiene is simple too: for me, usually a weekly washing is all that is required. With about six cups in rotation, they all stay quite fresh and clean throughout the week.

Still Need A Reason For Chastity?
But probably the biggest advantage of a cup over a cage is in the stimulation the cup provides. By design, the cups protect all the male genitals from injury during rough sports, including the penis, testicles, scrotum and the perineum. The cups usually are designed to wrap “under” the lower male anatomy. Depending on the tightness of the strap, the pressure on the perineum can definitely be felt by the wearer. It is not too great, but it can be felt. And not coincidentally, since the prostate can be massaged from external stimulation, the cup can massage the prostate too just by wearing it! If I am in a later-stage of semen retention (SR) that means an almost continuous stimulation resulting in production of some precum! That stimulation when combined with the practice of semen retention can take the practice of male chastity to another level! It is, in fact what is known as “tease and denial” in male chastity.

There are many advantages (IMO) to wearing a male chastity cup over a cage. If you will NOT have a keyholder, you can “manage” your own chastity with a cup. It meshes nicely with the practice of semen retention and has the side-benefit of sexually stimulating your groin almost continuously. Now I own several jockstraps (without cups) and although they feel good and “sexy”, they don’t provide the same degree of stimulation as a cup. The cups (and their mating jockstraps) are made in a number of styles and designs. If you are interested in trying one, may I suggest the Mueller, XO Athletic or Shock Doctor brands to start. You can’t go wrong! Just be sure that the size is right, especially if you intend to wear it throughout the night.

{My intention here is not to be a salesman! I just notice that when I am regularly wearing a “cup”, I am in a very good, very sexual mood most days! And what is wrong with that?} Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/an-easy-choice-for-chastity/