A Simple Chastity “Trick”

Sometimes, even while wearing a “chastity cup”, I can sometimes fall-into a fantasy where I end a semen retention “run” with a female-assisted slow edging and an ejaculation. If I am not “ready” to ejaculate but do anyway, have I failed in chastity?

The Solution
While starting to listen to a nice track this morning for prostate health, I made sure that my box of tissues was completely out-of-reach. Usually, I put the box close-by “just-in-case”. But invariably (and I am now in Day 6 of SR) I could be tempted to rub-one-out. So I was sure not to have tissues or a towel or anything else nearby with which to clean-up. And guess what? It worked! Following an early-morning dream sequence, I awoke with a very arousing erection and felt like I could want to ejaculate. But still wearing my Mueller cup and feeling the pressure building-up underneath from my stiffening cock, there was nothing I could do but to remain in chastity! It was very frustrating yet at the same time so rewarding!

At any time, but especially in later-day SR, removing all ejaculation “assists” will greatly help to remain in your self-imposed chastity! I know from experience that having clean-up materials nearby can be very risky! So just keep them away! Remove the temptation!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-simple-chastity-trick/