The typical Aneros question; Helix or Eupho?

Hello everyone, I’m going to purchase an Aneros Peridise, along with one of this two prostatic stimulators: The Helix Syn or the Eupho Syn. Important: I’m not willing to purchase the two toys, just one of them. Buying the Helix and then the Eupho would mean investing almost 140€ in toys, and my idea is to buy and use just one of them.

I’ve read the Eupho Syn is more enjoyable as it moves more in the rectum, and may provide greater stimulation. However, the Helix is always recommended as a first toy, and I’ve never bought an Aneros toy. I’ve had small anal plugs, but that’s all, nothing prostatic specific.

The Aneros Eupho Syn is actually 15€ cheaper than the Helix Syn on the on-line store I’m going to purchase it, 55€ the Eupho Syn Vs 70€ the Helix Syn.

I’m going to get the Eupho along with the Periside (which is actually very cheap), unless some of you insist me on getting the Helix.

My anal canal is pretty tight, but I’m afraid the Eupho will be too thin to notice it, or not point properly towards the prostate.

For those recommending the Helix over the Eupho, please list the reasons. Same for the people who will recommend the Eupho over the Helix.

Finally: Is it true that the Eupho is only for experienced people? Will I be able to learn only with the Eupho?

Thank you in advance for your responses. I want to make the purchase as soon as possible, but I’ll wait until I have a good amount of responses.



  1. I have never owned an Eupho, but I did own a Helix (and currently own others). It’s an awesome toy to get started. I have heard that for prostate stim beginners, the Eupho might be a bit too subtle, but I don’t think it would be a problem either way. I consider a little extra pressure at the beginning will help awaken your prostate much better. So take it with a grain of salt because I’ve never owned a Eupho, but my advice would be get the Helix, and 100% definitely whichever you choose, get the Trident version over the classic version.

  2. Helix Trident. The Eupho probably won’t do enough for you to be a good first toy. It’s very subtle.

    Don’t bother with the syn models at all, they’re trash.

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