“Hey Guys, We’ve Got A Bulge!”

While taking a shower this morning and doing a testicular self-exam (which I do monthly), while examining my soft scrotum, I thought about this topic. Now I’m not here to state the obvious. But it dawned on me that rich or poor, tall or short, all guys have a bulge. And it is bigger when our cocks are erect. Females don’t have this “condition” so their normal “bulges” (more like curves) are the same size all the time.

Then I got to thinking some more…..

Some guys like to show-off their bulges by wearing tight jeans or even bulge-enhancing underwear.
Male athletes will display their bulges by wearing jockstraps with or without cups as part of their uniform.
Male swimmers and divers will naturally display their bulges through their tight-fitting suits.
Male wrestlers will show their obvious ‘packages’ through their skin-tight singlets (usually with a jockstrap or compression shorts).
An aroused male with a large package will approach a willing female and she can’t help but notice if she is in the mood.
And so on……

Where am I going with this?….

This is the essence….All of us guys have the same basic biology which we can’t change. If we are male, we are born with and ‘endowed’ with a ‘package’. And (this is important IMO) there is no shame in displaying your bulge. I think that some of us were taught from an early age that, somehow, the male (and female) bodies were private and should never be displayed in public. So things like nudism, public locker rooms and showers and even beaches can be a bit embarrassing to some guys (and gals for that matter), particularly if the guy develops an erection during any of these activities. And yes, even Aneros prostate-massage sessions can evoke similar thoughts since we guys are usually nude (or almost nude) when performing them.

But it shouldn’t matter…..

I have come full-circle with this discussion. Yes, we males are designed differently. But we can’t change it. Furthermore, we should embrace our sexuality and take it for what it is…..nature’s way of preserving the species! For without our ‘packages’, where would be be? What would we do? Thank goodness for our sexual ‘bounty’! Be proud of your ‘bulge’!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/hey-guys-weve-got-a-bulge/