“It Just Feels Better With A Cup!”

[Thanks to @BigGlansDC for his continuing support of wearing cups in bed and during Aneros sessions]

Went to sleep wearing only PJs and didn’t even think about the NPTs that would be coming during the night. Sure enough, I awoke about 3 AM with an arousing erection and firm balls. I am currently in Day 8 of semen retention and I have felt that “boost” in T-level for sure! I am not ready to ejaculate yet. What to do?

I quickly decided to put-on my Mueller cup because of the way it feels. And once I did, that ‘comfortable’ feeling just got me thinking…

Forget Chastity
What I realized is that, throwing-out all I know about male chastity, putting-on that cup just felt better! Need more synonyms? How about improved, exceptional, superior, desirable, more useful? Take everything I have written about male chastity and just put-it-aside for now. Concentrate on the comfort and the relief that the cup provides. It just ‘feels better’!

Once back in bed and feeling more comfort from the cup, I began to think about other ways that guys feel ‘better’ while wearing their cups. And a few examples quickly came to mind….
• Baseball players wear their cups for sure to protect their ‘equipment’ from errant balls and field-play. No fan would question their choice of protection; the ‘bulge’ in their pants attests to their commitment.
• Some male police officers wear bulletproof cups (groin guards for females) particularly for SWAT teams. I don’t think anyone would deny a police officer’s choice to wear a bulletproof vest, so why not groin protection while on duty?
• Male and female wrestlers and kick-boxers routinely wear groin guards to protect their vital organs during matches. Fans would expect no less.
• Can you imagine an ice-hockey player not wearing a cup? I can’t either.

Back In Bed
Now wearing my Mueller cup, I feel the same level of ‘protection’ — not for my safety but for the comfort that cup provides me during the night when confronted with the NPT erections which all guys experience. Thinking about the ‘chastity connection’ then ‘throwing-it-all-away’, what is left is the comfortable protection the cup offers! Touche’.


PS Most “banana style” male groin cups are also designed to wrap-under the perineum and thus protect the prostate. A side-benefit of this is desirable for us Aneros users: that protection also comes with a side-order of stimulation!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/it-just-feels-better-with-a-cup/