“Lock Me Up!”

That’s the attitude I am taking this morning! Let me explain…..

I am progressing towards an ejaculation (or perhaps a wet dream) and currently in Day 7 of semen retention (SR). I have worn my Mueller Flex Shield cup since early this morning and am so glad that I did. I experienced a quite powerful erection and if I were not wearing the cup, I probably would have ejaculated by now. As always, the cup prevents any and all attempts at masturbation and at Day 7, there is more of an extreme ‘urgency’ to accomplish the mission.

I know it will get progressively harder and harder to refrain from ejaculating the longer I go within SR. Two things will happen: either I will develop blue-balls (more likely) or I will experience a wet dream (less likely). Either way, I will ejaculate. How long can I last?

PS There is a change in attitude as I progress longer in SR. There is a more ‘in-your-face’ attitude towards sex too. Guys that are locked-up in chastity (with a keyholder) experience this feeling regularly. They don’t really know IF or WHEN their next ejaculation will occur. I am starting to develop that same feeling now. It is very frustrating yet so sexually arousing at the same time.

Random Erections
One of the ‘fringe-benefits’ of longer SR runs (I have noticed) are more frequent erections which can come at any time, day or night. I think it is the male body’s way of reminding its ‘owner’ that it NEEDS an ejaculation and soon. There will be multiple attempts to elicit an ejaculation until the male just can’t take it anymore. He will either have to masturbate, have sex or have a wet dream. One way or another, he will cum and his semen will be released.

Mental Challenge
The male ‘need’ to ejaculate isn’t just a physical thing (IMO)—-it is a mental urgency as well. When combined, these two factors make ejaculation the most essential thing in a male’s life. Like a geyser, the pressure will build-and-build until it erupts. And when that ejaculation has occurred, the male will be quite satisfied until his next release. Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/lock-me-up/