My experience so far…

So, I jumped on the prostate bandwagon a few months ago and started with the Helix Syn. Had a few good sessions with it but wasn’t getting anywhere close to what I was reading about. Turns out…I was too impatient.

I ordered the Helix Trident Syn last week and I have had a few sessions with it. I like it SO much better than the Syn. That extra strength in the P-tab really helps.

The other night I was having a session and I had my first hands-free ejaculation. Not a Super-O or even a dry orgasm, but hands-free nonetheless. That was a pretty big step. I had the Trident in and I had used extra lube. I was lying on my back with my knees bent and my feet flat on the bed. I had my dick tucked between my legs and my legs were squeezed closed. This goes against the “relax and it will come to you” but it felt so good.

I also had quite a few large muscle shakes. The feelings grew and grew and then I came. It was pretty intense but not my ultimate goal. Still, I had managed to do something I’d never done before so that was a good session.

Today, I put on my chastity cage and sat around doing some work. I started feeling horny and just paid attention to my prostate. I have found that I can get some great feelings without the Aneros if I concentrate enough so I tried doing that.

I hit a new plateau. No dry orgasm or Super-O today but certainly a giant leap in progress. Just slowing down and listening to my body tell me what it wants. I focused on my prostate and started feeling some nice, repetitive P-waves. I’d had an isolated P-wave with a strong, deliberate contraction before but these were new. They were subtle but they were new.

So, I moved to the bed and laid on my side and just let the feelings wash over me. It felt great. I still find that I am “trying” to make things happen but that should go away with practice. If I contract my PC muscle, I can get some wild feelings but things don’t build slowly. It feels like I’m cheating and then I lose ground.

It’s a pleasant, frustrating process that I’m excited to be experiencing. I’m hoping that things will continue to move towards that mind-blowing pleasure I keep reading about.

But, for now, it’s great to experience what I can…when I can.

Just wanted to share my journey so far. Self discovery…man.