“Coming Back Into The Fold”

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I have ended my absence of Aneros sessions to see if I could extend my NoFap ‘streak’. I got as far as 11 days. My old nemesis, blue-balls, did me in again! But I did have an interesting ‘journey’. Here are some details…..

NoFap Porn (P) Abstinence
I have abstained from porn for the past 22 days. There are some benefits. One seems to be more random erections throughout the day. I have experienced them. My night-time erections are just as strong as ever and I am quenching some of them by wearing a ‘chastity cup’ in the early morning hours. I thought I was building-up to another wet dream. Oh well……

Theoretically, I can continue PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) abstinence while on NoFap; it’s just that I need to rub-one-out every 10 days or so (or have my wife give me a handjob) to keep the blue-balls under control. I’m not getting prolonged pleasure from this, although I must admit I do like the feeling!* I still am not edging at all.

Blue Balls
I cannot seem to progress more than 10-12 days of SR without a good case of blue-balls. However, two things I have tried (recently) are ice packs and, just today, cool-to-cold showers. The showers seem to cause an almost immediate erection, but they do ease the discomfort, if for a while. Perhaps I’ll continue them; no harm here.

Aneros Sessions/Binaural Beats
I am yet undecided if/when I will continue these practices. I will determine how my prostate is feeling. During the past week-and-a-half, it has not complained. But if I ‘tease’ it a little bit, it probably will be wanting more action!


*PS I did notice that it didn’t take a lot of ‘work’ to achieve this ejaculation. The so-called PIED effect (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) can be diminished and perhaps eliminated through long-term P abstinence. This is an encouraging development since I have (had?) Delayed Ejaculation (DE)!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/coming-back-into-the-fold/