“Controlled Horniness”

[Thanks to @HereByAccident for inspiring this blog!]
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The topic presented was the apparent ‘cycle’ of horniness caused by semen retention (SR). I practice SR all the time now and wanted to offer my experience. Here it is…..

Semen Retention 101
Basic to the practice of SR is the NoFap acceptance of no ‘MO’, that is no masturbation (including edging) and no orgasm (ejaculation). If you can accomplish this, then you are well on your way!

But here is the ‘rub’: with each passing day in SR, a guy will typically get hornier. It isn’t because he WANTS to, it is because he HAS to. The male’s natural biology is such that if he does not ejaculate within a given period of time, he may eventually experience a wet dream. (I have experienced one recently and hope to have another one soon). The night-time erections (called NPTs) which all healthy guys experience each and every night will present an opportunity for him to achieve his release of semen through very hard, stimulating and long-lasting erections (perhaps 3-5 or more, each lasting 30-60 minutes: that’s a lot of erections, guys!) It is for this reason that I typically put-on a ‘chastity cup’ to help control that urge to masturbate and thus remain compliant to ‘no MO’.

If I make it through the day without masturbating and ejaculating, I congratulate myself and then am ready to move-on to the next night and then the next day, and so on…. But each day that passes brings-on a new level of horniness! Of course, it usually isn’t a dramatic increase, but it is there nonetheless. And with that horniness comes some ‘surprises’ such as random erections and ‘blue-balls’.

Random Erections
I am also now abstaining from porn (NoFap no P) and one of the ‘benefits’ is an increase in random erections. These are great, but again, this is another opportunity for my male body to convince me to ejaculate. I can do this through sexual intercourse or masturbation or a handjob by my wife. Within NoFap, a handjob will not count as a ‘reset’ so that is preferred. But if I still choose not to ejaculate, I will soon be ready for the next ‘surprise’…

I do experience these as well, unfortunately, on a regular basis and have tried a lot of techniques to prevent them. Some things which I tried recently are ice-packs and even cold showers. Both help in the short-term but I found that neither of them eliminated the feeling for good. After about 3 or 4 hours of that dull, aching pain in the groin, I find that ejaculating is really the only effective way to relieve the discomfort. I believe that the medical community agrees that this is really the fastest and ‘best’ way to cure the ache. But with that ejaculation comes a decrease in horniess. What to do?

SO Do Guys Like To Be Horny?
I would like to think that this is indeed an oxymoron! Don’t all guys like the feeling? Perhaps some do not, but I for one embrace my masculinity and that includes my ‘package’: it is such a vital part of our existence, that I would suspect that most men relish theirs too!

And so, I have come full-circle back to semen retention. This is the best way (IMHO) to boost our horniness! Touche’.


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/controlled-horniness/