Just got a Helix Trident, no sensation?

Finally decided to go for the Helix Trident after reading a lot of reviews & comments online.

I put it in and i just don’t feel anything at all, like it’s not even making contact with my prostate or something?

Is this normal or am i doing it wrong?

I’m used to getting fucked – should i have gotten a bigger model than the Helix?

If so, is there any market for “gently used” sex toys (as in, “little old lady only drive it to church οn Sundays”)?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/bc8nn5/just_got_a_helix_trident_no_sensation/


  1. It is normal to feel nothing. The aneros is more of a mental game so maybe you should get the biggest model so you can eliminate whether or not you need a bigger one. If that doesn’t work then you can sell the 2 of them as a package deal.

  2. It’s something you have to build up to. I recommend the “do nothing” approach. Place your awareness at the base of your spine and slowly breathe in and out. Do this for at least 15 minutes a day over the next week and your brain will literally build awareness to new sensations and new neurons down there.

    Eventually you’ll be able to cum hands free. The key is patience and focusing on the NOW and being absolutely satisfied with the present sensation. Every sensation in the body changes, so be aware of the seemingly mundane sensation of “nothing”, breathe, then watch the sensation slowly change to something, but don’t chase the pleasurable sensations, and don’t become bored with the mundane, just breathe and observe until one day, it’ll just happen.

    Give it a few weeks. Patience is key. Good luck!

  3. Just reading out of interest, how come most of the comments here are about some pseudo bullshit?

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