Helix Syn: where precisely to remove the “tail” part of it?

I’ve been using mine a long time and it’s not doing much for me so I want to try the modification some people recommend. Can anyone show me a picture of yours where you cut it, or at least show me on a screenshot of the product where to do it? I don’t want to do it wrong and ruin it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/blycv2/helix_syn_where_precisely_to_remove_the_tail_part/


  1. I’ve done this to two different toys, and both times I left approximately a centimetre of the tail. Works great

  2. On MGX classic i removed basically the part that curves/curls. I figured better to remove too little since you can always go back and remove more

  3. Make sure to leave enough of the handle….


    If you don’t, your ass will try to pull the device in. If there is not much of a tail left, it could open up a big fissure in your asshole as it gets pulled in.


    Be careful.

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