Can we lose the magic?

I’ve started the journey there is about 3 months. The beginning was very encouraging, I started to have super pleasant feelings after 3 sessions.

I got to the point where I had amazing, super sweet, very long (like 3 to 5 min) orgasms every sessions. I don’t know if it’s what you guys refer as a super O but anyway I was very happy with it. I tried things like thrusting and touching very slowly my cock and I got some of the best penile orgasms of my life (like crying intense).

The things is all sensations started to fade away at a point where each sessions were less intense than the one before. I’ve read forums and all and learned that thrusting, touching my cock and watching porn could be detrimental. So I stop all of this and tried techniques like the relaxing a lot and “do nothing”, I tried to lower my expectations and enjoying the present moment. It is most of the time kind of enjoyable, I have involuntary contractions and trembling very quickly, but nothing comparable to what I had before and I feel quite frustrated.

Did anybody go through a similar situation? If so, how did you get the magic back?



  1. I’m experiencing a similar waning of sensation for a period of time between an amazing session, or series of great sessions. It can be frustrating to one day have a session where you have amazing super-O’s, and then days or weeks of sessions where you don’t reach that threshold.

    I’ve just come off a week of pretty awesome back-to-back sessions, but the last two or three days just my base level of pleasurable feelings and I can tell I need to step away and take a break. The good news is, we know what is possible. I’ll hang up my Eupho for a week or ten days, stay away from masturbation, build some arousal, and look forward to that first mind-blowing session after the break!

  2. Losing it for a bit? Oh yeah, happens all the time. Libidos come and go sometimes and sometimes that’s all it is. Sometimes we break away from a techniques we’ve been used to and can’t quite swing back into it. Whatever it is, it’s natural and it’s DEFINITELY not something to worry about. In fact, I’d say that worrying about it’ll probably ironically just make it take longer to come back in my experience. Personally, I’d recommend revisiting the basics but with a little twist to build up a bit. If you have a position you know you’re comfortable in, get there and stay a while. Focus on just the sensation and DON’T try to feel anything (this is important, don’t seek any sensation during this part), just let it happen even if it means literally laying there feeling nothing. Give it 30 minutes, see how you feel and even if absolutely NOTHING don’t finish with your dick. Just take whatever you’re using out, go wash up and try it again later exactly the same way. I give you a 90% chance you lose it. Good luck!

  3. Not to the same extent as you’ve experienced, but I definitely had a peak towards the beginning of my journey. I was getting hands free orgasms and some very pleasurable sensations throughout. Thing was, these weren’t predictable or repeatable. It was almost like my prostate was shocked by the sudden stimulation and was firing off all sorts of reactions.

    This faded and it felt, for a little while, like things had calmed down. It was many months before I got back to the stage of experiencing orgasms.

  4. I’ve been at it for less than a year. Not just aneros but other forms of play (njoy wand, vibes). Lately the sensations have been similar to a regular O, just without any emission. But i think back to the beginning of my journey, i had one session where i got a lasting tingling (like numbness) all over my body. Never quite got that again… possibly my body just didn’t know how to handle the sensations back then, and since has “acclimated” or “normalized” it? Oh well… still good.

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