“Yet Another Flatline?”

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Stats: SR Day 3 NoFap PMO Day 59. My last SR run ended at Day 9. I wasn’t really feeling the ‘blue-balls’ (yet) but I just wanted to ‘clear the pipes’. I did a weekly prostate massage with my MGX Classic. What an awesome ride! About 30 minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed the therapy! I am pre-lubing before insertion and that is making a world of difference in my sessions! I’ll be sure to keep it up!

I still feel the need to prohibit any tendency to masturbate by wearing a cup, usually in the early-morning hours after I awake with an erection. I just find that the hard cup keeps my hands away from my package and, yes, it just feels so good!

Why do I think I am entering yet another so-called flatline? My night time erections are still there but they don’t seem as plentiful, or rather, they are not waking me up like before. I really don’t feel close to the PONR like I have. During the day, I have zero erections. I’m not complaining, but it would be nice to get a little bit of a rise once in a while.

I have been doing some reading on flatlines and it seems perfectly ‘normal’ to experience more than one and at different intervals. These are all described as the ‘healing’ effect of NoFap. Whatever is happening, I feel rather good now about my sexuality. I have no interest in watching porn (P) since there is less and less connection with masturbation and ejaculation (MO). I have also read the some guys have a tendency to relapse during the flatline just to ‘make-sure’ that their equipment is still operational! But I need have no fear for I am told that I will exit all the flatlines and my libido will return. So I have to be patient!

So What’s Next?
I’m not entirely sure, but for now I’ll still keep track of my PMO and SR days. Eventually I hope to still have a wet dream. But I need to progress beyond 9 or 10 days of SR in order to have a chance at one. In the meantime, I’ll keep relieving the ‘blue-balls’ through a generally unremarkable and therapeutic ejaculation.


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