I’m curious to hear from anyone who has tried the Vice model. It’s the one with the vibrating insert. Did the vibration add or take away from the experience. Is the silicone material better or worse than the plastic of the other models? I’m considering purchasing a Vice but since it seems to be the most expensive model available I thought I should ask around first.


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  1. It’s not the traditional sensation that Aneros offers, because of the vibrating element. It’s good, as the material is good, but I might consider the De-vice first!

  2. I think the Vice is one of the worst models they offer. To me, it’s basically a silicone Progasm but strictly worse across the board. The vibrations are trash. Not even as strong as a cheap electric toothbrush.

    If vibrations are what you’re after, there are better options available.

    If a new prostate toy is what you’re after, there are better options available.

  3. I dislike it because:

    The silicone has a rough texture. No amount of lube will allow it to have the level of free motion that the plastic models have.

    Vibrations have never done it for me. And as vibrations go, this isn’t very powerful

    The silicone has some amount of give, which is counter intuitive in my eyes. Every bit of energy I put into moving it should be translated along the entire device, plastic is best for that.

  4. So before I start, I did like no research on the vice before I bought mine and when it was shipping I went and looked on reviews and wow do people not like the vice.

    HOWEVER, I absolutely love mine. It’s likely ALWAYS going to be my go to “for sex toy” for SURE and if it weren’t for my Lelo Hugo it’d be my go to for everything solo as well. In fact, if you’re still looking for that first big O, I’d recommend the Vice over the Hugo and I’d really only put the Hugo over the Vice for pretty experienced dudes.

    That motherfucker isn’t going ANYWHERE once it’s in. If you find that your toys tend to come out, the vice is pretty reliably staying in, especially compared to the Hugo.

    The double head design allows for a LOT of control.

    Compared to the Hugo especially the toy is more buzzy than “vibratey” so to speak. Now a lot of reviews really didn’t like this, however if you’re less experienced I actually think this is better, it makes it a lot easier to identify where the toy is and where and how it’s making contact vs a toy that has a ton of power in vibration like the Hugo.

    The design is admittedly slightly larger than some people may like, but like, tbh if you’re committed enough to post on Reddit you’re probably committed enough to be willing to feel .1 seconds of “ohH okay, there we go.” 5 times before it feels natural every time you put it in.

    Lastly it’s a GREAT toy for manual movement. If you’ve got the muscle control down there to get yourself there without relying on feedback loops to get the toy into motion BUY THIS TOY RIGHT NOW.

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