Anyone here with depression using aneros?

I recently started Lexapro for mild depression and anxiety and unfortunately after the first week I definitely noticed decreased libido. I don’t have trouble getting hard but it’s definitely a struggle to orgasm. Even masturbation hasn’t held the same appeal and I began to notice a loss in actual physically pleasurable sensation. Last night I inserted my aneros before sex with my wife and definitely seemed like it brought things back to a baseline for me. In other words, the aneros didn’t add anything on top of the regular sex like p waves or super O but definitely enhanced penile sensations and I was able to orgasm much quicker then the few times before without it.

Anyone else have similar experiences?



  1. Yeah, I have major depression and have found that prostate stimulation in general gives me more of a drive during the day. It’s motivating.


    The effects are greatest if my prostate is “warm” from recent stimulation. As a bonus, I can also have anal orgasms (which radiate to the prostate/genitals) on demand just by concentrating on the feeling. With no toys.


    If you have crippling depression like me… it’s worth a shot.

  2. It’s helped me escape the depression for a while because it’s kind of meditation in a way.

  3. Lexapro fucked my sex drive up, not to mention made me gain weight, after switching to Wellbutrin, all of that disappeared and my libido is actually crazy lol. Wellbutrin i was told is less like the other antidepressents in that its not in the same class, so it doesnt mess with sex drive, or make you feel zombie-like or sleepy all the time. I was switched when I told my psych lexa was making me sleep too much and my sex drive was low, she said wellbutrin is usually suggested when sex drive tanks on other SSRI-class meds like lexapro/prozac.

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